How To Design a Website with Dreamweaver

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First, you should know that the designing process with Dreamweaver software is very easy and you can build your first website in approximately ten minutes. Yes, in just ten minutes you can design a simple web page that will do well with search engines. 

You should know that search engines love simple designs more than the complicated designs that have too much Flash and other graphical layers. Follow the tips here to build your simple and professional website right now!

  1. Download Dreamweaver software. Dreamweaver is a great web design software. It is very easy to use and has very good features that you can learn quickly. To purchase the latest version of Dreamweaver software, just click here. The latest version is Dreamweaver CS3, which has a lot of great features that puts it at the forefront of all website design programs. You can download a free trial here.
  2. Install the program. After you purchase your copy of Dreamweaver, or after you download the free trial, you must install the software into your personal computer or your laptop.
  3. Create a new web page. After the installing process, you can create a new web page by clicking on "file" at the top of the control panel of the program, then choose "New" from the the drop-down menu that appears. Choose the the "Basic Page" from the "category" menu, then choose "HTML" option. This step allows you to create a web page in HTML format. The HTML format is the most flexible web page format, so you should work in HTML if you can.
  4. how to design web siteThe "Layout" function. The easiest way to design your web page is by using the layouts. The "Layout" function that is provided by Dreamweaver organizes your webpage however you want, very easily. To access the "Layout" function, you must go to the "Window" from the main tool tab at the top of the program screen, then choose "Insert" window. From the Insert window choose the "Layout" option. From "View", change the "Table Mode" to "Layout Mode".
  5. Organize your page using the green "layout". The layout function gives you two options, the first option is the green layout, which is considered the parent layout, and the second option is the blue layout, which is considered the child layout. The blue layout should be included in the green layout. So, to make a good start, you should begin to organize your page using the green layout.

    Create a wide layout at the top of your page for a banner image or the main title. Then create a long layout at the lift for sidebar navigation links. You should also create the main layout at the middle of the page for your content. Finally, you can create another wide layout at the bottom of the page for other links such as the copyright statement, about us and contact us links.

  6. Insert the blue layouts. To start adding the content and the pictures, you must organize your web page again using the blue "Layout". Repeat step number 5, but with the blue layout that fits into the green layout. Start to add your content in the middle layout, insert the banner picture in the top layout and create the sidebar links.
  7. Make internal links. First, from "Window" select "Properties" to see link functions at the bottom of the program screen. The easiest way to make a link to another web page is by selecting a word or a phrase then going to the "Link" section found within the "Properties" window. Then you can "Brows for File" to select the placement of the file and create the link that will get the visitor to that file or web page. To make an external link, just write the URL in the blank field.
  8. Make a title for the page. You can now choose the title of your page. Write it in the title section at the top of the program screen. You can also optimize the meta tags by selecting the "Code" option at the top left of the program screen. You can find more information on optimizing the meta tags by going to How to Optimize the Meta Tags article.
  9. Save the page regularly. Once you finish the design of the first web page, you don't need to repeat all of the above steps again; you just need to re-save this web page with a new name every time you want to create a new page. After the saving process, you can edit the content, pictures and title for the new page.

You can learn more detailed web design techniques by enrolling in an online web design program.

By Elhusseiny Shahin, you can buy your copy of dreamweaver from Purchase Dreamweaver.

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Yes Marco, it is the best one, it is also my best friend...

By Elhusseiny Shahin

I´m a professional web designer, I don´t know what would be of my life without Dreamweaver ... good basic tips!

By Marcos Riso