How To Design Your Home Using Architecture Software

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For people who want the greatest control when it comes to designing their homes, architecture software is the best way to go. Through these CAD software products, users can design exactly how they want their homes to look. Because the models are rendered in 3D, you get unprecedented details allowing you to ‘enter’ the model house and view it from the inside. Here’s how you can design your home using architecture software.

  1. Basics. Start with the basics. You will need to configure the architecture software with the actual perimeters of your own home. This means that you should input information such as size of your house, so that the computer can create a space that is proportional to the actual size of your lot.
  2. Building layout. Next, consider the building layout. Start by creating the basic layout shape of the house – will your house be a simple rectangular building? The initial layout can be edited at any point in the design process. The important point is that you will have a sort of sketch that you can follow as you design the home. As much as possible, you should also sketch the building layout on paper first, to give you something to follow as you use the architecture software. Next, consider where the rooms will be positioned in the house, as well as where the corridors, closets, and bathrooms will be located.  You will also need to allot space for the stairs, and if you will have a second storey to your home, you will need to repeat the same process. Keep in mind, however, that the second or third storey can be smaller than the preceding storey – depending on how you want your home to look like.
  3. Get inspiration. Even with the floor and room layout figured out, how your house will look like is still unfinished. To give you design ideas, you can check out architectural magazines. You can also visit websites where you can look at various architectural structures. Keep in mind that when it comes to designing your home, you cannot expect inspiration and a great design concept to come up from nowhere. Always, great designs are the result of incorporating various styles in a new and original way.
  4. Filling in the details. Once you have the rough outlines for your house designed, the next step is to fill in the details. Depending on the software that you are using, you can also create detailed windows and even furniture using the architecture software. In many instances, however, you can also download pre-made components such as windows, doors, and furniture so that you will not need to make these models manually, which can be very tiring. Also, fill in the other details such as roofing color and pattern, wallpapers and paint patterns.

Through these steps, you can create and design your own home using architecture software. For even more designing options, you can also use the architecture software to design your landscape, including the trees which you can use for the model house.


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