How To Download Free Airline Reservation Software

It takes two to tango when reserving a seat on a plane. The airline and the passenger both need to be synchronized and on the same ticket literally or else complications and lawsuits may arise. No one wants to go through all the trouble of wasted time and money, so from the moment the customer picks up the phone to reserve a seat, pay for it, and prepare for the flight, everything MUST BE in order, otherwise, brace yourself for one irate passenger. One of the ways to employ a near-perfect airline reservation system is free software that was made to do exactly that, although you should be aware that the word “free” does carry certain limitations which you will realize as you continue reading this.

Here’s how to download free airline reservations software.

  1. Go for software that offers a free trial period. Here’s the deal, free airline reservation software is hard to come by. The system is just too complex to be made available for free from now to eternity. The dynamics involved is also something that you will have to decipher so you will need long-term support which can be accessible if you’re paying for the software. Unless you opt for Open Source software, your best bet would be to err on the side of caution so go for something that allows you to test the system for free.
  2. Create your account. Register by following the instructions and filling out all the necessary fields to get you started.
  3. Start to access the airline reservation software. You will discover much to your delight that a good number of the software available do not require having your own server to make full use of the system. Therefore, virtually zero download and installation is required. You simply have to own a computer, choose Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari as your search engine and one that is compatible with a Java script.   
  4. Read the fine print to make sure that the software has a solid security system. Confidentiality is sacred in the airline business so make sure that your software and the supplier of the software provides multi-level security and only provides access to authorized personnel and administrators in the loop. The confidentiality agreement has to be electronically-signed as an added precaution.
  5. Begin the process of booking and reserving flights. This page will allow you to enter the passenger’s account information e.g. full name, nickname, contact details, and flight details. Depending on the level of access that you will choose, both your agents and your passengers can book using the software’s booking tool.
  6. Start to fill in the fields for costing and discount fares.  As soon as you begin populating this page, your agents and your passengers can check the latest fares and discounts available and pay for these using a credit card through a duly-authorized merchant account. These are also automatically computed once the fields for flight details like origin and destination, dates for departure and return, and the number of passengers are entered for the system to calculate.
  7. Disclose the number of fleet. The software should be able to keep a database of official routes, number of flights, and flight schedules and update this database when necessary. However, it can only perform this function if you provide a list of your fleet number and continue to provide regular updates to the software.

Airline reservation software is a web-based and hosted product. As such, you will not be able to buy this for installation on your own airline server. If you think about it, using software that is equivalent to $0.15 per passenger is really such a small price to pay if you want to make your passengers book their flights with you all the time.


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