How To Duplicate DVDs

Through improper care or frequent use, DVDs can fade and the data inside the disc can become inaccessible since no DVD player will be able to read it. Now if you can’t repair the disc, you will definitely have to say goodbye to whatever is saved inside the disc. To avoid this, you will want to backup the files and one great way to do it is to transfer and burn the data from the original DVD to another DVD. Here are some simple steps to duplicate a DVD.

  • Ensure you have everything you will need. To duplicate a DVD, you will need a computer with burning software installed. Obviously, you will need to have a DVD-Writer installed as well. If you have 2 drives, 1 DVD writer and 1 DVD Rom, then that would be better. Also, you can actually duplicate DVDs using a standalone DVD recorder that has two bays. The only problem with this is that the device can be quite expensive.
  • Insert the master disc. The master disc is the actual DVD that you want to duplicate. If you have a mere DVD writer installed, then insert it there. If you have 2 drives, then insert it into the DVD Rom drive.
  • Run the software. Locate the shortcut for your DVD burning software and click on it to run it. Now once the program initiates, you will need to select what to do depending on how many drives you have installed. If you are using a single drive, then you need to copy the content of the master DVD into your computer into what they call a DVD image. Hence, select the “copy image” function or something similar. You will need to specify the destination drive for the copying of the image. In this case, you need to select a drive and folder. If you have 2 DVD drives, then you can simply insert the master DVD into the DVD Rom and the blank DVD disc into the DVD writer Drive. Select “copy DVD” or “burn DVD” and specify both the source and destination drives. If you are working with two drives, clicking the burn now button or something similar will start the process of duplication.
  • Insert a blank DVD. This step will only be appropriate if you are using only a single DVD writer drive. Once the copying of the DVD image is done, remove the master disc and insert the blank DVD. Select burn DVD and locate the image that you previously copied. Use that image as the content to burn. Click “burn now” or something else with the same extent to start the duplication.

Once the burning completes, remove the newly burned disc and test it out. If it works the same way as the master disc or if the content inside the new disc is exactly the same as that of the master disc, then you have successfully duplicated a DVD. Repeat the same process if you need to create more copies. Bear in mind that some DVDs may have encryptions on it disallowing you from producing multiple copies of it. You can probably get some software to bypass this however, it is highly recommended to respect it. Nevertheless, for backup purposes, you can do what it takes to duplicate for as long as you don’t sell or distribute it unless you want to be sued for copyright infringement.


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