How To Edit MP3 File Tags

How do you edit MP3 file tags? In fact, most audio players provide this opportunity. You can use your Winamp for this. Just select file in the list, press Ctrl+3, enter all data, and press the Update button when you're done. But how do you edit this data for multiple files, for albums? There is some special software for bulk editing MP3 tags. We will show how to change MP3 tags for multiple audio files in PZ TagEditor (

Step 1

Download installer. Open WinRAR archive.

Step 2

Install PZ TagEditor. Follow the prompts to install.

Step 3

Open folder with MP3s that you want to edit.

Step 4

As you can see, all MP3 tags for the selected folders are empty.

Step 5

To fill track numbers, select all music files (Ctrl+A), then select ID3 -> Fill Track Numbers.

Step 6

To import title from Filename, select all music files (Ctrl+A), then select Tools -> Filename->ID3.

Step 7

To fill Artist, Genre and Year tags, select all music files (Ctrl+A), then add the information and press Enter.

Using this utility you can easily fill all tags for MP3 files. PZ TagEditor will also allow you to create and edit playlists in M3U and PLS formats, export information to Excel spreadsheets and perform other useful functions. Another good example of MP3 tags editing software is Music Tag Editor ( In fact, it has more features than PZ TagEditor, but some of these features are for ‘advanced users' only.


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