How To Fill Your Ink Cartridge

Refilling ink cartridges is easier than it appears, as it is a relatively uncomplicated task. It costs less than buying a new ink cartridge made by the manufacturer, or a third-party supplier. However, it could be a messy job, but this little problem could be easily handled. Here are the steps to follow in refilling ink cartridges.

  1. To protect your floor from ink spillage, cover your work area with newspaper or with rags that you don’t mind staining. Gather round ll the materials you will need. These materials include ink bottles, syringes and the cartridge to be filled. Aside from the cartridge, these materials usually come with the packaging of the ink refill.
  2. Each printer cartridge varies its ink storage capacity. Be sure to check the label or the instructions in the cartridge kit to make sure how much your cartridge at hand can really contain. You may then fill the syringe with any ink color you want to go with first. Do this procedure preferably in the sink to avoid making a mess and to ensure easier clean-up.
  3. Punch a tiny hole at the top of the cartridge for the ink color chamber you wish to refill. The hole should be punched near the label at the top of the ink cartridge. Then simply insert the syringe through the hole you punched. Push it all the way to the bottom of the cartridge. Gradually squeeze the ink from the syringe to the cartridge. Avoid squeezing too quickly as it will result to foaming of the ink and incorporates air into the chamber. Never forget to keep the syringe deep inside the sponge as you possibly can.
  4. Simply do the same procedure for the rest of the ink colors that need refilling. Always wash the syringe thoroughly with lukewarm water before filling it with another color to avoid mixing colors in the next chamber to be refilled. You may also have a different syringe for each color and label them so that you can use them again next time without having to wash the syringe over and over.
  5. Once all the color chambers have been refilled, clean off the excess ink stained around the cartridge.
  6. You then must put a seal on the holes you punched earlier because right on the top of the cartridge are breather holes.
  7. The unused or excess ink can be put back into its container bottle.
  8. It is ideal to install your ink cartridge after a few hours of letting it sit. That way, it will stabilize the pressure inside.
  9. You may now reinstall the cartridge into the printer. Execute the cleaning cycle several times until there are no gaps in printing.

Always remember that you should not allow your ink cartridges to run out completely. This will result to the drying up of the color chambers and cause it to be clogged.

These guidelines are not difficult to follow. However, you may also ask the person selling refill inks to demonstrate how to do so.


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