How To Find Cheap Reliable Hosting

In the over-crowded hosting market, it can be a daunting task to find a cheap and reliable company to host your website. All companies promise stable service, but which ones are best for you and your needs? There are several different ways to find hosting that suits your budget but also provides great service. Here's what you need to know about finding reliable hosting.

What is web hosting?

Put simply, a web host is a company that stores, or hosts, your website on their computers, as known as servers. The web host offers each website a certain amount of disk space for the storage of the website's files and images. The web host also provides a website with a monthly allowance of bandwidth, which is the amount of data transferred when visitors view your site. If you have more visitors, then you should look for web hosts that offer higher bandwidth.  

Cheap or free, which is better?

Many companies offer free web hosting. The majority of these companies do so by placing advertisements or banners on your website, in order to defray the costs of hosting. Other web hosts offer free service, without advertisement, as a way to entice users to upgrade to paid services. The problem with free web hosting is the lack of reliability. Most free web hosts do not provide a guaranteed uptime policy for websites. They also have lower bandwidth allotment, and if the website exceeds its data transfer limit, the website is suspended for the rest of the month. It is inconvenient to those who anticipate loyal traffic on their websites.

Paid hosting does erase a lot of uncertainty. Paid hosting provides reliability guaranteed by a contract. Some people may think that you get what you pay for, when it comes to cheap hosting, but that's not entirely true. For example, new web hosts offer inexpensive deals on hosting in order to promote their company. The established web host also roll out cheap hosting plans as a way to attract more business. The true testimony comes from current or previous customers. Fortunately, the internet is teeming with forums and blogs that either champion or destroy the reputation of cheap web hosts. For any one who has serious hosting needs, it's important to research different hosts before arriving at a decision. Not only should you compare what each host offers, you should also look for any possible horror stories out there about your host.

Step 1

Try Host Gator. Host Gator only charges $4.95 per month and is one of the 3 cheap and reliable hosts you may want to peruse. This fee gets you unlimited storage space and bandwidth usage. They also include free setup and transfer from another host. Host Gator currently provides hosting to over 700,000 web sites. One of the largest hosting companies, they have a reputation of providing excellent customer support on a 24/7/365 basis.

Step 2

Check out HostMonster.  This is the second of 3 cheap and reliable hosts. They charge $4.95 per month and offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. HostMonster provides a complete web hosting solution. They also have excellent user satisfaction rates, especially for those clients balancing the level of support with the lower price point. They also throw in $50 in free Google advertising.

Step 3

Go to Web Hosting Pad. The final recommendation is Web Hosting Pad which provides fast, reliable and comprehensive hosting service. They charge $3.96 for unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Overall, finding cheap and reliable hosting is not as difficult as it may seem initially. It requires patience and research, but eventually, you'll find the best service for your needs.

Jason Kay recommends reading reviews of cheap hosting sites to find an affordable, reliable web hosting service that meets your needs.

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