How To Find Discounts on Printer Ink

One of the first hurdles that computer and printer owners have to deal with is replacing printer ink. The black ink disappears or the blue runs dry. The essay or thesis you've written might not look appropriate if it were printed in red or even yellow. Now you have to go out and buy a new ink cartridge for your printer. And more often than not, these are pretty expensive. It's a marketing tactic employed by printer manufacturers. They can sell the printers pretty cheap, because these are subsidized by the cost of ink. In plain words, printer ink is just a pain in the neck. 

For printer ink cartridges, you can either get ink refills or buy alternative third-party cartridges. These are not that hard to find, actually. You can find ink refilling stations at your local mall or at your computer shopping district. But if you live in an area that's not that technologically savvy and computer parts and accessories are scarce, then you can check online. 

Just type the right keywords in your search engines. For instance: "printer ink refill discounts." You will probably get good results. 

Sites like, and many others provide services and products that include compatible or recycled ink cartridges, continuous ink systems, inkjet and toner refill kits and others. Basically, everything is there for virtually every brand available in the market. 

To get discounts on printer ink, one can use coupons too. These coupons can be taken out of computer magazines, and also in online coupon websites like These can be used to reduce the purchase price of genuine ink cartridges. You can also look for stores or shops where you can trade in your used cartridges for a discount.

Another way to get discounts on printer ink is volume or bulk purchasing. This is good for businesses that heavily rely on printouts. This penny-pinching move, however, is not exactly practical for those who use computers just for personal needs, unless you're really a heavy printer user. If that's the case, then you might have to stockpile on printer ink. 

The best, and most economic way in purchasing printer ink is to purchase a Continuous Ink System for your photo printer. What's neat about it is that you won't need to replace your ink cartridge over and over again anymore. Neither would you have to worry about losing ink at the most unexpected moments. What continuous ink systems do is let you refill your printer ink from separate, dedicated containers, which are usually large tanks that feed ink into the printer through tubes! What’s more is that you can use cheaper compatible alternative ink bottles to refill your tanks with. You have control both on the volume of ink you put in the system, and what volume of ink you need. This turns out cheaper, especially in the long run.


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