How To Find Freeware Graph Software Available for Downloads

It's really gratifying to get something free, especially when you're looking to save a buck here and there. When it comes to freebies, never hesitate to participate in something that's up for grabs, but give back when you can to even things out - there's nothing like give-and-take synergy that works even on freeware. Yes, even in the world of graph-making, you get something for free.

Here's how to find freeware graph software available for download.

Try open source software. The beauty of open source is its accessibility and collaborative nature. If you go to this link not only will you be able to download graph software but you will also have the opportunity to improve the software by lending your own intellectual take on its development. View the site's revision history and you will be astounded at the progress the software has made since 2001. This was made possible out of the effort of many to achieve multi-faceted graph software that is available to all.

Search the worldwide web. Graphing is not a one-size-fits-all framework. The following software and tools found on the web will help you in choosing the appropriate graphing technique that you require for business, marketing, and education.

  • Aabel 3. This was especially-designed for a Mac Operating System. This software goes beyond standard presentation and publishing functions. You can create up to 240 styles of presentation and make statistical analysis on multiple worksheets. These are just a few of the functions that the Aabel 3 can perform. For more information, check their website at
  • Citrin 2. Also from Gigawiz, Citrin 2 allows you to create various charts e.g. Waterfall, Bubble, Spider, Contour and combination charts that will best illustrate your statistical data. Perhaps the best feature of the Citrin 2 is its versatility in export formats: JPG, Photoshop, and so on. Go on and take a peek at Citrin 2 by clicking on this link
  • Call Graph. This free software monitors and saves calls for all types of Skype communication. Using this software helps you create call records and graph these according to duration and peak times.
  • Falco Graph Builder 2.5. This was created for students for simple graphical Math presentations. Similar to this software are 7Math and Sage 4.2.1.
  • Teroid Windows Forms Graph. Lets you customize your statistical data, save these, and print these out as a bitmap file.

Ask your school's math department. You don't have to do the legwork for this. Just think of your math teacher, look her up, call or email to ask her where she gets her free software to help her in teaching linear graphs or in presenting graphs.

Drop by the public library. Rummage through all the available books that discusses the subject of graph-making and you are sure to find practical suggestions for downloading free graph software.

You should not have a difficult time looking for free software but more than anything else, make sure that the site you are extracting the file from is secure and delivers what is promised.


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