How To Find Fun Cases for Your Memory Stick Drive

Are you bored of the way your memory stick drive looks? Good news! There are lots of fun cases that will brighten up a dull memory stick drive. Here is how to find wacky-shaped, rainbow-colored, multi-functional cases to jazz it up.

  1. Websites featuring the wildest flash memory sticks - Memory stick manufacturers have created memory stick drives that are sure to catch your attention. There are flash memory sticks that look like toys, animals, dolls, and even food. Take a look at this website and also this one These websites even share the stores where you could buy them!
  2. Design-your-own flash memory stick - You can order customized flash memory sticks from Submit your design, and people from the website will make a flash memory stick that looks like the memory stick image that you have drawn.
  3. Multi-purpose memory stick drives - Have you seen a memory stick pen? How about a memory stick car? These are just a few examples of a multi-functional flash memory stick. A memory stick pen stores data like a flash memory stick, writes like a regular ball pen, and has a laser light to serve as a pointer. A memory stick car is a memory device drive, a toy (it looks and sounds like a toy car), and a paperweight, all at the same time.
  4. Order from online stores - Online shopping can get you a fun flash memory stick. A variety of memory stick drives are for sale in online stores: There are waterproof cases, plastic cases, leather cases, aluminum cases, and designer cases for you to choose from. You can arrange the flash memory sticks according to price as well.
  5. Electronics or computer appliances stores - These stores sell a lot of useful gadgets as well as fun flash memory sticks. Take a look at what's on display to find out if a flash memory stick catches your fancy.
  6. Arts and crafts stores - These may sell creative flash memory sticks that you won't see in a regular electronics or computer appliances store. Also, you can buy materials from these stores so that you can amp up your flash memory stick yourself.
  7. Read magazines - These may feature creative flash memory sticks, so subscribe to electronics and computer magazines. If there is a feature about flash memory sticks, the list of shops that sell those is included as well.
  8. Classified ads - Fun flash memory stick drives may be for sale in the classifieds. Take a look and you might find one that you will want to bring with you wherever you go.

A fun memory stick drive with a cool case is something you will take with you everywhere. Be careful, though! Other people may want your memory stick drive too, so keep it when you're not using it or showing it off to others. If it gets lost, not only have you lost a nice item, you have lost data stored inside it as well.


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