How To Find Processor Speed

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If you use your computer to do most of your work and are accustomed to running several programs simultaneously, it is important to know the speed at which your computer's processor is working, since processor speed makes the difference between a slow and fast output. Based on this, you can tweak your system or hardware to facilitate your work output at greater speeds. There are a few ways in which you can look for and find the speed at which your processor is working.

Step 1

Check with the system manual. This is the easiest method of checking on processor speed. Browse through the manual to check for processor specifications and the speed at which it processes data.

Step 2

Operating systems. Processor speed also depends on the operating systems installed on your computer. Different operating systems allow the processor to run at varying speeds, based on the software installed. With different operating systems, you can find out the processor speed by following these instructions:

  • Click on ‘system'
  • Select ‘preferences'
  • From the list, select ‘hardware list'
  • Click on ‘processor' and check the speed at which the processor is running

Step 3

System information. In most computers loaded with regular operating systems such as Windows, you can follow these instructions to check out processor speed:

  • Click on the desktop toolbar found on the lower left side of your computer screen and click of ‘start'
  • Click on ‘run' and type in the following command: "msinfo32" in the command space, but without the quotes
  • This command will open the System Information Tool (SIT)
  • Select the ‘system summary' menu and scroll down till you reach ‘processor'
  • Click on ‘processor' and take note of the processor speed

Step 4

Using DirectX. As in the previous step, click on ‘start' and then click on ‘run'

  • In the command box, type in the command "dxdiag" without the quotes
  • Confirm the command by clicking on ‘ok'
  • When the DirectX application opens on your screen, click on ‘system'
  • Go the System Information tab and check on the processor speed at which the system is currently running

From the above steps, you cans see that finding out the speed at which your processor is working is quite easy and simple. Based on the processor speed and your work requirements, you can then make a decision to upgrade your system or buy one with better processing capabilities to handle all your work assignments.


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