How To Find Silhouette Clipart

Finding a woman's, man's or child's silhouette clipart is not a problem, considering the vast amounts of clipart available on the Internet. Silhouettes are one of the most popular searches because they are great for cut-out decorations, as the pattern is easy to follow. They also serve as a quick reference when drawing more complicated man and woman sketches, and the classic appeal is versatile. This kind of web graphic is great for simple and quick printing decorations like newsletters, poster ads, shirt printings, and product brochures. Silhouette eyewear and Silhouette glasses are as popular as women's silhouette clipart in the search engines.

There are two kinds you can use depending on the purpose: printed and electronic clipart. The former is most commonly used in invitations, greeting cards and card labels for your books, journals or other paper projects you can directly print out from the computer. Electronic silhouettes are animated ones that may come with audio functions. They are useful in designing your personal web pages or as an illustration of an idea conveyed in a presentation. For whatever intentions, below are clipart sites that house the largest image compilations on the Internet.

  • Images are royalty-free and accessible by subscription. You can select from weekly to yearly offers with the current price range of $14 to $159. Be it a woman in lingerie, bare silhouette eyewear, a lady sporting a Speedo or more conventional woman apparel by similar woman designers, images are guaranteed to be of the best quality in all desired resolutions. Slihouettes of men, boys, and girls are likewise, of course, available. To make searching easier, it lets you click on the ‘see more from this collection’ button under each image and more will be shown from the same clipart category. Subscription immediately avails you the opportunity to make calendars, t-shirts and other commercial products out of your chosen images.
  • This seems to have unlimited image storage. Each page is filled with over 60 images of the searched item with readily available information as to the price and conditions of the product. To help you out with your task, below each photo is a set of similar keywords related to the current search. Images are priced individually according to certain standards. Checking out can be directly through PayPal or you can fill out the billing and shipping information as you create your own account. With so many quality images to choose from, it is quite a bargain.
  • It stores public domain artwork, which means it’s completely free. It also allows you to add text, shapes to your image and even combine this with another clipart directly on the site. You can immediately download images without watermark and see how they look like on mugs and shirts. Being a member allows you to submit your own silhouette clipart.
  • The prices of the images vary according to quality and resolution. When you have your image, a pricing assistant through a pop-up will give you the information as to the pricing and shipping requirements you need to purchase the image license for your personal and commercial use.

Despite repetitive searches, you might still not be able to find the right shape of silhouette you’re looking for. A good tip when hunting for a particular image is to have a varied set of keywords that point roughly to the same thing. In this case, instead of just writing ‘woman silhouette’, try ‘female illustration’; ‘lady’; ‘one woman’ or include a location or an action you want her to be doing. This way, you are not limited to a single search result that may or may not contain the clipart you want. Enjoy!


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