How To Find Someone's Social Security Number

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Most people believe and think that a person's social security number is not included in the realm of public information. The truth about is that it kind of is because of many sites allowing users to find the social security number of anyone. No one really knows why this information can be accessed by anyone, but access to this information is pretty useful for employers and credit institutions to verify the credit rating and history of a person. The social security number is one of the details to prove the legitimacy of a particular person as well. In any case, there are many websites that you can explore on the net, which can provide you the social security number of virtually any person alive in the US.

 Search the Department of Homeland Security Website. If you are an employer and need to verify a job applicant's identity and history, then logging on to and using their E-Verify system is one way to get the social security number of a person. This online verification service is free and open to all registered employers. The E-Verify system is joint effort of the US Social Security Administration and the Department of Home Defense with the objective of keeping employers safe by verifying the identity and history of each job applicant. Explore the website for more information and the process on how to execute a search. Obviously, you will need to be registered as an employer and will need the full name of the person to proceed with the search.

Search the Social Security Death Index. The Social Security Death Index or SSDI is another useful resource to get someone's social security number if that particular person is deceased. This free search utility allows the user to filter through its database of almost 100 million records. Visit the SSDI website at

Search for your own social security number. Your very own social security number should be kept safely away from the public's prying eyes since this could lead to identity theft that thousands of people are victim of. To check if your social security number is safe and secure, search Google using your social security number and your full name. If the search results in some sites displaying your social security number publicly, then you will want to take measures to make it confidential again.

Report the public use of your social security number. If you own social security number search comes up with sites proudly displaying and sharing this information to anyone wanting to view it, then you should at least report it to the Social Security Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Department of Homeland Defense so that action will be taken on the offending website. This may not stop your social security number from spreading to other sites of the Internet but at least it may stop the website currently displaying it.

Make sure that your social security number is safe and secure by keeping tabs on through regular Internet searches. Avoid being a victim of identity theft and any other scams by protecting your social security number.


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