How To Find the Top Music Tunes Online

What is the test of being a real music lover? There are a lot of them. However, the most popular is being in-the-know of the music tunes that top the chart day after day. Why not? The test of being a music lover is knowing, appreciating, commenting, and dealing with the music that is being introduced to the world.

It's a good thing that today, it is not hard for you to know what songs are the hottest on the top music chart. With the birth of the online market, the music industry is no longer limited to radios, televisions, and players. What could be the top remix tunes, techno tunes, dance tunes, and band tunes on the Net? Know what songs invaded the charts from these online resources:

  1. TopMusicHits at - Here you can see an updated list of all the top music tunes in the industry. It does not only offer audio but video as well for all the most popular songs.
  2. All Charts at - This site has a list of all the top music tunes across the globe. From the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world, all of the top albums and singles are listed here.
  3. at - Just like, this website offers 40 of the top music tunes of different countries such as U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and a lot more.
  4. at - Are the top 10 songs not enough for you? Then, check out for 100 of the best music tunes weekly. You not only can listen to these songs but you can purchase them as well. Not only that, this website also offers news on the hottest artists, bands, and albums.
  5. Top10songs at - Based on the response in terms of online downloads, this website ranks 10 of the hottest or most downloaded tunes. The chart is being updated weekly but there are still entries of chart toppers of the month and the year. There is also a complete archive of all weekly, monthly, and yearly chart toppers since July of 2004.
  6. MTV at - The website of the popular Music Television, it lists 20 of the top music tunes week after week. Aside from songs, it also ranks the top 20 albums and even modern rock tracks. You can also watch music videos here as seen on TV.
  7. Yahoo Music at - Here, you can listen and watch the top 100 songs and videos in the music chart. Another good thing about Yahoo Music is you can access the latest news on artists and albums.
  8. Rhapsody at - Check out the week's top 40 music tunes here in Rhapsody. You can listen to these songs and even add it to your own music library.

With all these resources, now you know how to get the top music from the Web. Bring out the music enthusiast in you and prove it to the world. Be constantly in-the-know of the top music tunes the world has today.


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