How To Fix a Failed Linksys Wireless Router Set-up

Setting up a WiFi zone in your area allows you to connect more than one computer around your area on the net. This is particularly useful nowadays where technology is supposed to be anywhere. Linksys by Cisco routers are tools in providing you a wireless connection. But if a Linksys wireless set-up fails, things can get problematic. You may always go back to the manual but if even that cannot get you to connect you can follow the following steps in fixing a failed Linksys wireless set-up:

  1. Turn on the router.
  2. Press and hold on the reset button for at least 30 seconds. You may find it easier if you press it with a pencil or a pen.
  3. Unplug the router.
  4. After a minute, plug it in again.
  5. Find the cable that connects the DSL modem to the computer, unplug the cable to the modem and connect it to port 1 of the router.
  6. Set the router again
  7. Launch a web browser on your desktop.
  8. You have to go to the inline configuration panel to set it up.
  9. In the address bar type
  10. Click Go.
  11. A window will appear allowing you to log-in.
  12. You can pass through without a username, but you're going to need a password.
  13. Use the default password. Type the word admin.
  14. Click OK
  15. You will find a sub tab MAC Address Clone and click on it.
  16. Select Clone your PC's MAC option.
  17. Be patient as this may take a while.
  18. Go back and find the Basic Setup tab
  19. Search for the LAN IP address, which is
  20. Change the current LAN IP address to
  21. You can now save the new settings. It is important for you though to always remember and track the changes you have made. So you can easily make adjustments.
  22. Shut the computer down as well as the router.
  23. Wait for two minutes before turning both of them on.

With the new set-up you will now check if it will work:

  1. Connect the DSL modem to the Internet port found on the Linksys router.
  2. For the second time, turn the computer and the Linksys router off. This time, include the DSL modem which is connected to the router.
  3. Turn the DSL modem on, followed by the router and lastly the computer.
  4. This is not done simultaneously. Rather, you should wait for each to become stable first before proceeding to turning on the next.
  5. Check if you are able to get online.

A wireless set-up allows you to make the most out of being online. You are not confined to your desktop or by your modem. Rather, you have the freedom to be anywhere within the WiFi zone. In fixing a failed Linksys wireless router set-up, you might encounter a lot of frustrations. You should be able to keep a cool head and know that technology can sometimes come short of our expectations.


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