How To Fix a Scratched DVD

Getting your DVD scratched may mean that you would never have access to important and cherished files, movies, songs and programs again. Don't worry. Here is how to repair a scratched DVD:

  1. Check whether the DVD is repairable. You could do this by putting a light source against a DVD to see whether the scratches are deep enough to allow light to pass through. When you can see light from the other side of the DVD, this means that it is beyond repair, so what you can do is burn another DVD or buy a new one.

  2. If there are no scratches, then the DVD must be dirty. Dust, dirt and oil can make the DVD malfunction. You could clean your DVD by running warm water over it to remove dust. If the dirt doesn't come off by washing, rub the dirt gently using your finger or a piece of soft cloth lathered with mild liquid soap. If the dirt becomes loose, remove the excess water and allow the DVD to dry. Don't rub it with a towel to prevent further scratching

  3. If there are scratches, but they are so deep as to allow light to pass through, you could make it function properly again by polishing it. Polish the damaged portion of the DVD with a small amount of DVD polish or liquid auto wax. Wait until the liquid dries up and wipe it off gently using cotton or smooth cloth. Clean it up following the grooves on the disc and not in random motions, because these would make the scratch worse to the point that it is beyond repair. For small scratches, you could use a cleaner instead of a polish. You could also use other kinds of fluids such as alcohol and petroleum.

  4. If the DVD would not work even though you have cleaned or polished it, try playing it in another DVD player. Some DVD players may be able to play your DVD even though it has scratches.

  5. If the DVD won't play in DVD players, burn the DVD again. Your computer may be able to recognize your scratched DVD even though it can't play it. Make a new copy of it and store it properly so that it won't get scratches again.

  6. You could have your scratched DVD fixed by DVD repair companies. Check them out in classified ads or directories. You could also ask computer shops if they have DVD repairing services or if they could recommend a shop that does.

  7. You could also buy a DVD refinishing machine so that you won't have to shop or have trouble fixing it yourself. These come in different price ranges, so choose the one which best fits your budget and preferences.

It is possible to play a scratched DVD again, however, the best thing to do is to prevent the DVD from being scratched in the first place. Observe proper handling and storing of DVDs to avoid damaging it.


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