How To Flip a Monitor Display

Today, some monitors have a feature of letting you rotate your screen display. If you own a netbook, you might want to try flipping the display of your screen. This will help you read documents while letting you hold your netbook as if you're just reading a book.

Another usage of flipping a monitor display is if you want to plug your laptop to a LCD TV. In order to match the orientation of both screens, you will need to rotate the screen on your laptop. If you want to learn how to flip a monitor display, the following steps can guide you on how to do it.

  1. Try the shortcut keys. To quickly check whether your display adapter driver supports the rotation feature, try using the shortcut keys. The following is the shortcut keys for rotating monitor display in different angles: Ctrl+Alt+Right- rotate 270 degrees, Ctrl+Alt+Left - rotate 90 degrees, Ctrl+Alt+Up - rotate 0 degrees and Ctrl+Alt+Down - rotate 180 degree.
  2. Use desktop properties. If the quick keys don't work, try browsing your desktop properties to check whether you can rotate your monitor display. To do this, right click on your desktop and the click on "properties". You will find a tab called "settings" there. Go there and click the "advanced" tab. You should find a tab that will display the properties for your video card. Go to the properties options. You will find a tab called "display settings" there. From that tab, you should see the rotation information. Click the display orientation that you want and click "apply".
  3. Download and install the iRotate tool. If you can't find any rotation options in the display properties, you can just simply install iRotate on your computer. The iRotate is a free tool that allows you to rotate your monitor. It is developed by EnTech in Taiwan. This tool gives you a convenient access to control your monitor orientation display. iRotate also supports different graphic cards from different brands. You can easily download iRotate. Just type the keyword on your search engine and you will find many sites where you can download it. Or simply proceed to EnTech's official website at and download it there.
  4. Choose the view that you like. Video drivers allow different orientations on your monitor display. Some offer two options (horizontally and vertically) while some video drivers allow full rotation on various degrees. Check your display settings and choose the view that you like.

These are the steps on how to rotate your monitor display. If your monitor display is flipped accidentally and you're unable to navigate windows, you can try booting your computer to safe mode. No third-party software utilities are loaded when you're in safe mode, the display in your monitor should look normal once you do this.

If things don't work out, you can just try deleting your display adapter. You can do this by uninstalling it in your Device Manager, then rebooting your computer. This will allow Windows to re-initialize your video card. You might also want to reinstall a newer version of the latest video drivers.


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