How To Get Credit for Used Epson Ink Cartridges

A printer is a device used in making a hard copy of the stored data on your computer. These are usually used in schools, offices and at home. Epson is one of the leading brands of printer. Once your Epson ink cartridges get empty, you will need to replace these with new ones so you can continue using your printer. If you’re thinking of just throwing away these empty Epson ink cartridges, you may want to consider joining recycling programs sponsored by companies which collect used Epson ink cartridges and pay you for them.

If you want to be credited for used Epson ink cartridges, refer to the steps below:

  • Remove the empty Epson ink cartridges from the printer and replace these with new Epson ink cartridges so that you can continue using your printer. Get a plastic bag and put the empty Epson ink cartridges inside the plastic bag.    
  • Turn on your computer and access the Internet. Check the sites for Epson ink cartridges recycling program. These include Empties4cash, RecycleForCharity, ECycleGroup and Freerecycling. Check the information on the site for the list of Epson ink cartridges that are accepted by the site for the recycling program. Make sure that your Epson ink cartridge model is included on the list.  
  • If your Epson ink cartridge is included on the list of cartridges that are accepted on the site for recycling, then fill out the application form on the site. The information needed may differ from each site. Make sure you give all necessary information asked from the site. 
  • Request a recycling kit from the site. A recycling kit will be sent to you. This will include a box which you will use to pack your plastic of empty Epson ink cartridges, plastic bag where you will put your empty Epson ink cartridges and a mailing form which you will use to mail the box of your empty Epson ink cartridges.  
  • The recycling kit will contain an instruction on how to send the empty Epson ink cartridges. Get your empty Epson ink cartridges and put them on the plastic bag, which is included in the recycling kit. Put the plastic of empty Epson ink cartridges inside the box, which was provided, in the recycling kit. Once all of your empty Epson ink cartridges are in the box, seal it properly so that the cartridges will not fall out of the box. You can now send the box to the company using the shipping form included in the recycling kit.  
  • As soon as the company gets your box that contains the used Epson ink cartridges, your account will be credited a corresponding amount on the site. As soon as this is done, you can always visit the site to request  for the cash to be dispatched to you. However, the sites of the recycling program also give you an option to donate the credit that you received to charity. You can choose which charitable institution you would like to donate your credit to.

Get credits by recycling your empty Epson cartridges. This doesn’t just allow you to earn but also helps in making the environment clean through recycling.


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