How To Get Free Cable TV

Cable TV has more channels offering more content than ever before. However, quantity is not necessarily a quality of its own. The content of cable is becoming increasingly less entertaining. Even so, the price just continues to go up almost every month, and now people must also switch to a digital cable service.

Ever considered watching high speed television on your computer? A great new digital TV product offered online can allow you to watch over 3000 cable channels and best of all, it’s totally legal! All you need is an Internet connection. Almost any other method you try in order to get free cable could land you in jail - don't try to hack it, don't go the black box descrambler route. It’s just not worth it.

If you're interested in getting satellite TV on your computer, you can check out Satellite Direct - this wildly popular site has a low one-time fee, and delivers over 3500 channels to your PC.  

Or, with one free and easy-to-install program, you'll never have to pay another monthly fee for your cable again.

  1. Visit This is the only legitimate website online that offers the service of free cable television. Do not be fooled by the many websites that actually try to sell this service to unsuspecting Internet surfers. This is a free cable provider and anyone that tries to sell it to you has done so illegally and against the wishes of those who actually own to get free cable
  2. Download the free program. On the product homepage, you should see a green button that reads “Download.” Just click on it and your download will begin. It will prompt you to choose the directory on your computer where you wish to download the cable TV program. If you don’t know too much about your computer, just choose the 'Desktop'; it’s the easiest to access.
  3. Unzip and install the TVU program. The TVU program should be zipped and in the directory you downloaded it to. You just need to double-click it and it will ask you where you would like the unzipped program to go. Once again, it’s easiest to just choose your desktop. If you don’t have a ‘zip’ program, you can download a free one from After the program is unzipped, you just need to double-click the program and install it following the prompts.
  4. Run the TVU program. Double-click on the program shortcut icon; it should be on your desktop and read “TVUplayer.” The program will open and you will have a screen that is surrounded by buttons. The buttons to the left are the television channels from which you can choose. The buttons on the top have different languages to choose from. Go ahead and click “English” in order to whittle down the number of channels; after all, this cable service has over 3000 to choose from! Now simply scroll through the long list of channels on your right and click on whichever interests you. There is sometimes a commercial before the television station tunes in.

The TVU program will provide you with hours of absolutely free cable entertainment and offer you many, many more channels than you get when you pay for local digital cable. Station content includes news, sports, music, movies, religious programming, and children’s shows as well. You can even get channels from all over the world by using this provider.


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