How To Get Your Music Heard

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Fortunately, it's much easier to get your music heard these days than it was prior to the Internet. No longer will you need to go after major music labels hoping to be signed up just so your music gets distributed to as many audiences as possible. Now, you can do this with relative ease though not without some cash put out on your part. Here's how:

1. Have a press release for your CD.

Write a short press release describing your type of music and artist profile first, so that you will have something to present aside from your CD compilation. Bear in mind that a catchy press release will be what readers and listeners access even before they click on a link to your music or homemade music video.

2. Create a music video for each of your songs.

Music videos are all the craze these days. And thanks to online video publishing Web sites such as YouTube, you can have your videos uploaded for no fee at all. Of course, getting your music videos to become popular is a different matter altogether. This is why it is important that you get as much of an audience as you can through these music videos and hope that they will inform their friends about it.

3. Submit your CD to music distributing Web sites.

Signing up for these types of online accounts will indeed be very useful in the effort to get your music heard. Some may charge a minimal fee for your CD compilation plus having the accompanying press release published. But all the expenses should be worth it knowing that your music will gain its much needed online exposure.

4. Opt for putting up your own Web site.

Sure it's costly and requires some maintenance, but it might just be what you need to get your music heard. Aside from the fact that your very own Web site will have the sufficient virtual space all dedicated to your music, lyrics and videos, it can also be a source of income through advertisements. Earning money online will of course require technical know-how, some inevitable cash up front, sleepless nights and lots and lots of patience for advertisers to get to notice your Web site in the first place.

5. Link with like-minded individuals online.

Among the more popular online communities these days are those that discuss independent music, so make sure that you take advantage of these to get your music heard.

Getting your music heard sure is not easy, but all the hard work should pay off after you have garnered enough support for listeners to want to buy your music. This is why setting up a payment system should be done just in case you get to start receiving orders for your music online.


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