How To Go About Purchasing Computers in Bulk

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Computers aren’t just a luxury these days, with the Internet making things faster, safer, and cheaper, computers are a necessity, especially in businesses and schools. However, buying computers per piece is more expensive than buying computers in bulk and in fact, most businesses dealers buy computers bulk. Of course, buying computers in bulk is just as risky as buying computers singularly. However, computers themselves are expensive, not to mention the sheer number that you may buy will burn a hole in your pocket. And as cheap used laptops can be sold wholesale, these may be better deals, especially if they are cheap refurbished laptops. It is still a risky enterprise, however, as you cannot tell the extent of a laptop being “used”. Still, if you’re willing to push through, here are some guidelines, which can possibly help you.

  1. Types. Before engaging in any sort of deals, go ahead and look around at your business first. Do you need computers or laptops? Laptops give you the added power of mobility, but sacrificing the large space and processing powers of desktop computers. Desktop computers, on the other hand, are bulky and ungainly and may not be suited for jobs that require moving around, like construction engineering. You may have to buy both, but determine first just how many units you need. When you are done, you can start looking around for the kinds and models of laptops and/or computers that you may need.
  2. Models. Every year, a company makes a new model of computer. Suppose that there are 50 companies in the world, that’s 50 new models! And that’s 50-year old models from the year before! With the ever changing demands and the large spectrum of specifics of laptops and computers, you’ll need to do some comparison. For example, is your business or school graphics heavy? AutoCAD for Engineers and Photoshop and Illustrator for artists need a large graphic card memory. Do you need a large space to store files in? Then computers that have large hard drives may be good for you. Keyboards, Pointing Devices like the mouse, speakers or headsets could be needed and there are a lot of wholesale retailers for this.
  3. Suppliers. There are a lot of suppliers on the Internet. One just has to look. However, some of the retailers have gone to bulk trading websites like and for their supplies. The good thing about these large bulk trade sites is that they always have a representative from the company available, as their e-mails are shown there, simply waiting for you to drop them a line. Keep in mind, however, that Surplus does not mean Used. And since these are brand-new items that have been mothballed for a while, they may come at a steeper price. The best thing about these sites is that the prices are negotiable. The representatives that you will be talking to will have the capability to lower prices, and you can haggle with them. They can also come with peripherals and specific programs that you want for a lower price, making it easier for you to purchase these computers products.


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