How To Hook Up a Laptop to Turntables & a Mixer

You can hook up your turntables and your mixer to your laptop so that you can create and mix music easily while recording on your audio software. This is an easy task that you can do by yourself. All you need are a few materials and cables so that you can be recording and mixing music with your laptop.

Follow the steps provided below to know how you can hook up a laptop to turntables and a mixer:

  • Cables that you need. The cables that you need for the connection are a male to female adapter, one ¼ inch male to male audio cable and one 1/8 inch male to male audio cable. You can purchase these cables from any music or electronics store near your area. You should also have an audio software on your computer so that you can record and mix from your turntables, mixer and other devices that you are going to use.
  • Audio software. If you don’t have an audio or sound editor yet, you can download Audacity. Audacity is a free program that you can use for your sound editing. Download Audacity for free from the website Audacity allows you to record from different sources and you can record up to 16 different tracks at once. You can import and export your files using many different file formats. There are also many effects that you can use such as the echo, wahwah, revers and phaser.
  • Connecting the cables. Get the male to female adapter and connect it into the output port on your mixer. Then, connect the 1/8 inch audio cable and attach it to your laptop and your mixer. Connect the cable to the microphone port on your laptop. Make sure that the cords are connected securely on your devices.
  • Connecting turntable. Use the ¼ inch male to male cable and attach it to the output of your turntable. Connect the other end to an input port on your mixer. You can also connect other materials that you are going to use such as an audio player, a guitar or bass or a microphone for recording. If you are going to connect more gadgets to your mixer, you should use a separate mixing board for each of them.
  • Test recording. Launch the audio recording program that you use on your laptop. Try and record with your turntable. You should see the track being recorded on your laptop. You should also try to record with the other devices that you plugged in to see if they work properly. The sounds from each device will be recorded into separate tracks and you can mix them with your software. Adjust the levels on your mixer to get the perfect volume for your devices.

These are the simple steps that you can follow if you want to hook up a laptop to your turntables and a mixer. Now you can use your laptop as a simple recording device and mix your audio tracks at home.


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