How To Hook Up XBOX 360 HDMI Up to a Computer monitor

Today, you can use gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 not only on your television set but also on your computer monitor. One of the biggest advantages of using a computer monitor is that a computer monitor has much more options and usually has better resolution that television sets. Here’s how you can connect the Xbox 360 to your monitor using the HDMI ports.

  • Preparing the monitor. First of all, you need to determine the ports that your computer monitor has. Modern computer monitors now have HDMI ports. HDMI is a new type of port that allows for greater and faster data transfer, which makes it perfect for gaming consoles such as the Xbox where large amounts of graphic data are transferred per second. Most standard computer monitors, however, still have the VGA ports, which are slower and a bit more sensitive. If you have a computer monitor with a VGA port, you need to take an adapter that will allow you to connect HDMI cables to the VGA port. Usually, these adapters can be purchase in computer shops.
  • Connect the Xbox 360 console. Next, take the HDMI cable itself and connect it to the back of the Xbox console and the computer monitor. Generally, the HDMI cable looks just like a USB cable, expect that the HDMI ports are much larger. Make sure that both the computer monitor and the Xbox 360 consoles are turned off when you do this, to prevent electrical shock and damage to yourself and the electronic appliances.
  • Adding the speakers. Next, add the speakers. You can use any speaker; just make sure that you take the appropriate cables from the Xbox 360. Usually, the speaker cables from the gaming console are color coordinated. You will only need to match the color with the color on the speaker’s ports.  In most speakers, you will also need to attach the speaker to an additional power source, such as an electrical outlet or plug.
  • Determine the source. Turn on the computer monitor and then look at the Display setting. The Display Setting can usually be found as a button on the computer monitor itself. You will need to choose the Xbox console as the video input source. Once you have done this, the Xbox 360 user interface will pop up on your screen.
  • Adjust the resolution. Once the interface is present in your screen, you need to navigate through the console and adjust the resolution and the screen format. Choose a screen resolution that is comfortable for you, and choose HDMI as the screen format. There are many other things that you can adjust when it comes to the Xbox 360. For example, you can adjust the levels in the screen. In fact, you can adjust the levels for each type of game that you play, since there are some games that are darker than others.

With these steps, you should be able to maximize your Xbox 360 by connecting it to a computer monitor and adjusting the features of the computer monitor.


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