How To Install a Tuner Card on Your Computer

You want to install a tuner card on your computer in order to watch and record live and recorded television shows accessed through your PC, but you know you are not an expert in the field of gadgets and other technology stuff, it could be risky and difficult to this doohickey on your computer, right? Rest assured, experts provide guidelines on how to do these things, so you need not figure it out on your own.

Here are easy and basic steps to install a tuner card on your computer:

  1. Familiarize yourself. Before you do the procedures, familiarize yourself with the PCI slot. Search the ins and outs of the slot, so that you will know what to do when you need to execute advanced procedures.
  2. Switch it off. Make sure that your computer is turned off before doing anything.
  3. Go inside. You will be working on the inside of the CPU of your computer, so you must open it. Use screwdrivers to unlock the screws on the walls of your CPU, then open it up. Pull out the cables so that there are no hindrances as you work. Make sure that you know and remember how to put them back.
  4. Install. Take your tuner card and line up the coppered side to the PCI slots. Match up the slot and insert as close as possible. Push to attach.
  5. Close immediately. After you have installed your tuner card, you need to close up the CPU right away. Before closing it up, put the cables you have pulled out in their respective slots. Put the screws properly into their slots. Lock them properly.
  6. Restart. You can now turn on or restart your computer.
  7. Read. Read the manufacturer's package or instructions manual included in the purchased tuner card. Examine the directions and instructions. In most cases the tuner card comes with software that needs to be installed. Keep the manual at hand so that you will know what to do while installing the software.
  8. Insert the CD. Insert the CD to install the software. Follow directions and prompts.
  9. You are done! After you have installed your software, your tuner card has already been successfully installed, and you can now use it.

Installing devices can be rather easy if you familiarize yourself with the steps and procedures. The general rule is to follow instructions. Instructions will always make everything a lot easier and will get your work done properly.


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