How To Install Data Compression Software

Data compression software is used to store data and minimize the amount of space that is used on the hard disk. These are also used to create ZIP or RAR files that are easier to manage and send over the internet. As such, these data compression software tools are generally known as archiving tools, since data is usually compressed during storage and archival. Here’s how you can install data compression software.

  1. Choose. Begin by choosing the data compression software of choice. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from ARJ, 7 ZIP, Advance Comp, Bzip2, File Roller, Gzip, P7zip, PNGOUT, Pngcrush, Zlib, Winrar, Winzip, and many more. Choose your data compression carefully, since each software will have certain weaknesses and flaws. There are certain compression software that will compress the files to a very small file size, but which can compromise the quality of the file when extracted, or which may take a very long time to process. This can be a very big hassle when processing large file batches. Also, the purposes of data compression will mater when it comes to choosing which software to choose. If you are using compression for archiving purposes, you want a software that will work fast over large batches of files and which will keep your files safe and encrypted as well, but if you are using the compression software to transfer data over the internet, you will want the smallest file size for the quickest transmission.
  2. Download. Once you have chosen the application, the next step is to go the site. Most of the compression software is free, but you should make sure that you download these from reputable sources. As much as possible, use certified download websites such as CNET that have verified virus and malware free downloads. Sometimes, popular compression software is faked from unverified sources, which are websites that contain software that has been modified and which has been injected with malware. Of course, the best sources are the actual websites from the manufacturers or authors of the data compression program. In the main site, you will either find direct downloads or links to sites where you can download clean software. To download, click on the button on the site. It will then automatically download the file for you. If the browser verifies whether you have initiated the download, click yes to save the file on the computer.
  3. Install. After the download has finished, you will need to right click on the file, or double click it. It will then show a dialog box that will guide you through the installation process. In Vista operating systems, you may need to have administration account use privileges to install the software. You can gain this status by logging on as the administrator in the computer’s administration account.

With data compression software, you can manage your files easily for better data storage and to free up your precious hard disk space. You can also use these compression software tools to chop your files into smaller sizes that are easier to send over the internet.


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