How To Keep an Online Diary

In years past the way to keep a diary was to buy a book filled with blank pages. It was important that these diaries had locks or some ways to keep the pages shut and were often hidden in people’s rooms.  These days, however, people have moved their diaries online.  If you want to keep an online diary, there are some very important things to consider first.

First, you need to determine if keeping an online diary is really for you. Remember that when you put your diary online you are potentially making it available for anyone in the world with Internet access to read.  While the sites that let you write and keep an online diary have some privacy settings, there is still a risk of anyone and everyone reading what you say.  Do you feel that your online diary is such that you can risk having anyone read what you have to say?

An online diary when it is put online is often referred to as a blog. This word came from the term Weblog and was eventually shortened to just blog.  These were first kept as online diaries.  Now, some people keep online diaries to let friends and family know their innermost thoughts and ideas.  Some people keep online diaries and then deliberately make them public because they feel that have something important to say.

Whatever you decide, find an online diary website that lets you say what you want to say, does not limit what you can say, and provides a way to make your online diary look the way you want it to.  Then, start writing.  The website will fill in the date for you and you will need to create a headline and fill the online diary with whatever is on your mind.

If you want many people to find your online diary and read what you have to say, you may want to also use social bookmarking sites.  You can also e-mail your friends and family so that they will read your online diary.  Those who are close to you may be the most interested.  Just remember to keep writing.  Posting quality content is what brings people back time and again to your online diary.

If you do it right, you may be one of the many thousands who have found keeping an online diary a rewarding experience.  Do it because you love sharing your thoughts and feelings and your reward will be tremendous.


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