How To Keep your Computer from Slowing Down

There are several reasons why a computer slows down but oftentimes, it is caused by too much files or softwares stored in your computer. When downloading an application, you know that your computer is slowing down because it’s taking too much time to do the process.

Here are some tips and steps that you may follow to keep your computer from slowing down.

  • Determine if the slow speed occurs while browsing the Internet. If slow speed only happens while using the web, try clearing the cache and deleting the cookies and temporary files. This process is easy to do, as you will only need to access your Internet Options from your Tools or Settings menu while accessing your browser.
  • Find spyware and adware in your computer and delete them. Adware and spyware are often included in files that you download from the Internet. These softwares are mal-intentioned files stored in your computer that take too much space of your hard drive causing it to slow down.
  • Delete the unnecessary files. Scan through the files of your computer to see if there are old files that are still there. Delete them as those old files can take up a lot of space especially if they are in Excel or PowerPoint format with animations.
  • Install an antivirus package. Most of the antivirus packages already include anti-malware and anti-adware applications. Some of these are free when downloaded online but for the more advanced software, it can have its corresponding cost. This type of software is developed by McAfee, Symantec, Avira, Norton, and other companies.
  • Activate your security suite. This tool usually comes along with your Internet service package. Examples of companies that give out free security suite are Charter and Verizon. This tool provided by Internet service providing companies is very useful as it serves as an all-in-one package. It has antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, as it also protects you from phishing and other scams. When activating the security suite, make sure that you disable your operating system’s firewall including the existing antivirus software in your computer to avoid errors and system conflicts.
  • Reformat your hard drive. When worms, malware, and adware occupy the spaces in your computer thus making it too slow, examine the other files stored and as your last resort, reformat your hard drive. By doing this, you are removing the unwanted files including viruses, malware, and adware although some of you files may also be removed.
  • Add a drive separate from your hard drive. A separate drive will help you not to lose your files in case your computer is ruined by viruses. If your computer needs to be reformatted, only the files in the hard drive will be removed and not those that are in the other drive you created.

Having a slow speed issue is such an easy and common problem among computer users but remember that sometimes, this can be because of some limitations of your computer. Do not expect a Windows 98 or ME computer to be too fast in processing data.


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