How To Learn About Color Label Printers

Label Printers are employed to print self-adhesive tags that have the product information such as the company name and address of brand. Make no mistake, label printers are different from ordinary desktop printers. Label printers have a different printer feed mechanism because label paper is either a rolled or fanfold stack of papers.

So what are the different ways on how to print labels using color label printers? The following are some of the color label printer types.

  1. Label Marker is a mechanical printer that has a built-in keyboard. This type of label printer can be used as a stand-alone device and does not need to be attached to a computer to print labels. Label printers are often handheld and are intended for Small Office/Home Office use. The image of the letter will be embossed or pushed against the bag of a colored plastic tape. The contrasting color form of the etched letters against the tape will then give you a label. Most people today no longer use this type of labeling printer because most prefer to use electronic printers.
  2. Desktop Label Printer is used for light-to-medium volume task of label making. It is capable of using a 4-inch wide stack of rolled label papers. Most small businesses makes use of this type of label printer because it is efficient and reasonably priced compared to heavy duty labeling printers.
  3. Commercial Label Printer is used for medium volume tasks of label making. It is capable of using an 8-inch wide stack of rolled label papers.
  4. Industrial Label Printer is used for heavy volume tasks of label making. They are often used in high-end depots and factories.
  5. Industrial Portable Label Printer, as the name implies, is the same as Industrial Label Printers except this type is for on-the-road label making.

The printers listed above, sans for label marker, can create labels via direct thermal or thermal transfer. Direct thermal employs the use of heat for the ink to transfer the label to a sensitive paper. Labels produced via direct thermal printers are likely to lose color over time. Thermal transfer employs the heat for the ink to transfer from the printer to the label material. Labels produced via thermal transfer are durable and permanent.

There are different stock types used to produce high quality labels but these two are commonly used as stocks.

  1. Acetate, or similar plastic type, is used to produce a transparent label. This stock is often used because of its durability and flexibility.
  2. Puffy, which is composed either of a gel or of foam, is used to produce a raised self-adhesive label.

Before purchasing a color label printer, learn as much as you can about the device you are about to invest in. Search the Web for reviews, ratings and recommendations of other individuals about a color label printer.


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