How to Learn Blockchain Basics: A Guide for Beginners

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How often has the word "blockchain" been popping up on your feed recently? With everyone from Bill Gates to the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping singing blockchain's praises, it's clear that this is something huge.

Blockchain is now a multi-billion dollar industry that shows signs of growing. The whole concept can seem complex and intimidating, especially if you're new to tech and cryptocurrencies, but don't worry. Once you know the basics, you'll be able to learn blockchain in no time. Here's your quick guide to coming to grips with the blockchain basics.

What is Blockchain?

It helps to visualize these things in a physical way. Essentially, blockchain is a ledger; a publicly-accessible, crowd-sourced, and immutable record of transactions.

You probably first heard of it in relation to the world's most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This is because blockchain tracks the transactions for digital goods (like cryptocurrencies).

Blockchain is a means of exchanging the most valuable commodity of the information age, data, by building trust between users via data entry and coding. This is what you need to know to get started with blockchain.

The value of blockchain comes from many uses, mostly in cryptocurrency transactions and smart contracts. The essential usefulness is in building trust and maintaining cybersecurity.

How Do I Learn Blockchain Development?

To become a blockchain developer, you need to learn blockchain coding. There are many ways that you can do this, from taking blockchain classes to self-teaching yourself the hard way, but all are equally valid.

Luckily, the coding language used in blockchain development is simple and versatile. This means it doesn't take a computer science expert to pick it up. You can use Javascript, CSS, and HTML to contribute to the blockchain, with Javascript being by far the most important one to learn first.

Once you've learned programming language basics, you're on the right track. Blockchain is open source and anyone can access it on a standard computer.

You contribute by adding to the blockchain with your own code and data. You can do this to create or acquire your own cryptocurrencies (you'll need a crypto wallet) if you wish.

Make sure to watch a tutorial video online so you can visualize the process of getting started.

Some Beginner's Advice

For those trying to learn blockchain coding from scratch, it can be a lot to get your head around. Remember to:

  • Take your learning one step at a time
  • Don't attempt to begin developing until you're confident you have a good grasp on it
  • Have a cryptocurrency wallet, but only keep low amounts of funds in it
  • Get involved in the blockchain community via forums and webinars - it's a very active and learning-oriented group

Learn More

Coming to grips with these emerging concepts and becoming an expert is completely feasible if you're dedicated enough. You can learn blockchain and pretty much anything else at the click of a button by exploring our technology section.


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