How To Learn How an LCD Inverter Works

Just like a well-loved play, you might want to know what goes on behind the scenes of your LCD TV or computer. The LCD inverter is one of the main movers behind your computer screen. Obscurely placed as it is, you need to understand how it works. Without the LCD inverter's contribution, you will not be able to see those colorful images on your LCD screen. In a nutshell, the LCD inverter allows your screen to get the inverted AC signal that you need. The power source usually provides for DC and it needs to be converted by tools such as the LCD inverter.

  1. Take an electronics basic course and learn the terms. You don't need to pay or get electronics degree to repair or learn how an LCD inverter works. You can actually get free online training with websites such as Electronics Theory for better knowledge of voltages, gadgets and how they all connect. To be more specific, you need to learn about sine waves and how they are altered in a typical wiring connection. For a more personalized studying experience, you may also want to try 101 Science.
  2. Do some actual laptop testing to see LCD inverters in action. The thing you need to check out the most are failure symptoms, including a flickering screen, dimming of your LCD, stripes and other unusual appearances on the screen which you did not otherwise experience under normal operating settings. To really check if the LCD inverter is working, you might have to remove the LCD inverter from the laptop and have a spare backlight bulb of same quality that will serve as your testing bulb for LCD inverter function. Connect the LCD inverter with the proper polarity to see if it will really work. The Laptop Repair Workbook might also add other insights that will help you.
  3. Troubleshoot for LCD inverter failure. For this to take place, you need to know how to dissemble your laptop. Instructables will provide you with instructions in viewing the internal part of your laptop. You will often find that LCD inverter failure will have an immediate effect on your screen, and troubleshooting can cost a lot especially if you do not understand what exactly is going on.
  4. Match your LCD inverter knowledge with your specific needs. A Fujitsu LCD inverter may not be the same with another laptop. Different instructions may be observed if you are trying to figure out how to make use of the LCD inverter in your hands. Third party vendors can help you buy the LCD inverter, but you have to make sure that it is compatible with whatever gadget you are using.

Your LCD inverter knowledge base will only expand if you are exposed to different types of LCD inverters for various laptops and LCD TV's. You might not have the luxury of taking apart the different gadgets, but if you are armed with electronics background of sorts, you will be ready for just about anything related to inverting processes for your LCD.


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