How To Learn More About Surface Tension

Surface tension is a scientific term that describes a liquid’s ability to be attached to another surface, such as a solid or a liquid. This is an interesting concept, and you can learn more about the topic by reading information from different sources. This will help you increase your knowledge on surface physics and conduct fun experiments that will improve your understanding on the subject of surface tension.

Here are some of the sources where you can learn more about the subject of surface tension:

  • Books. You can read more about surface tension on science books. These books will explain the concept of surface tension, how it is measured and what are the experiments that you can do to show the characteristics of surface tension. Some of the books that you can read are ‘Applied Surface Thermodynamics’ by A.W. Neumann and Daniel Kwok, ‘Surface Tension – Driven Flows and Applications’ by Raffaele Savino, ‘Surface and Interfacial Tension: Measurement, Theory and Applications’ by Stanley Hartland and ‘Electrolytes, Properties of Solutions: Methods for Calculation of Multicomponent Systems and Experimental Data on Thermal Conductivity and Surface Tension’ by Kirill Shakhlevich and G.G Aseyev.

By reading these books, you can learn the different techniques of measuring surface tension with a pendant drop and getting the contact angle measurement. You can get these books from All Bookstores

  • Internet. Another way that you can learn more about surface tension is by visiting websites that talk about the topic. By doing this, you will surely increase your knowledge in surface tension and understand the different terms used in surface tension experiments. You will also learn about the different apparatus used in measuring the surface tension.

Here are some examples of websites that you can visit to learn more about surface tension:

  1. - This is a website where you will find information on the different properties of surface tension. The website will help you understand the different topics, such as cohesion and surface tension, surface tension of water, cohesion and adhesion and also show some surface tension examples such as walking on water, ‘glass surface’ quality and many more.
  2. - This website shows an introduction to surface tension. Some of the topics that you can read about include the causes of surface tension, the units used for surface tension and some examples of surface tension. There are also links to other surface tension articles that you may be interested in.
  3. This website has an introduction on surface tension. You will also see some models of tensiometers. These are the instruments that are used in measuring the surface tension.

These are some of the things that you can do to learn more about surface tension. If you are teaching a science class and you are going to talk about surface tension, what you can do is to research on some kids’ experiments that you can do with your students. You can also go to science websites to know more about the topic.


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