How To Load a Mini DVD Into a MacBook Pro

Loading a mini DVD into a MacBook Pro is a problem since the MacBook Pro’s DVD ROM drive can’t play a mini DVD. Trying to load a mini DVD in the drive will only cause it to rattle and possibly damage the drive. Below are a few suggestions on how to load a mini DVD into a MacBook Pro.

  1. DVD Adapter. Since the mini DVD is too small for your MacBook Pro’s DVD drive, you need to use an adapter so it can run normally on the drive.  The CD adapter is exactly the same size as a normal CD or DVD and it has a space in the middle where you can attach the mini DVD in place. Once the mini DVD is attached the CD adapter you can load it into the MacBook Pro’s DVD drive like a regular sized CD.
  2. External Drive. Another way to load your mini DVD into a MacBook Pro is to get an external mini DVD drive. Look for an external mini DVD drive online or at a computer store that will work with your MacBook Pro. The external drive will connect to the MacBook Pro with a USB cord or FireWire. Make sure the external mini DVD drive is compatible with the MacBook Pro. Connect the external drive through the USB port or the FireWire port and then install drivers or software if necessary. You may need to restart your MacBook Pro after installation. Once your MacBook Pro has restarted, you can now load your mini DVD onto the external drive’s DVD tray.
  3. Transfer files. An alternative to purchasing an adapter or an external mini DVD drive is to transfer your files onto the MacBook Pro. If the mini DVD was used to take videos on a camcorder, then you can attach the camcorder to the MacBook Pro and use it as an external drive. Attach the camcorder through the USB or FireWire port and wait for the MacBook Pro to detect the new hardware. Once the camcorder appears as a hard drive on your MacBook Pro then you can start downloading the data onto your hard disk. If you just have the mini DVD and not the camcorder then find a PC that you can use to transfer the files from the mini DVD. The PC CD/DVD ROM tray has an indented area in the middle for loading mini discs. Place the mini DVD on the indented area and close the CD/DVD ROM drive. Open the files in your mini DVD and copy them onto the PC’s hard disk. You can burn the files to a regular DVDR or copy them to a USB flash drive. Use the regular DVDR or flash drive to transfer the files onto the MacBook Pro’s hard drive.

Purchase an adapter or an external mini DVD drive for your MacBook Pro if you frequently use mini DVDS.


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