How To Make a Child's Mouse Pad

Since most computer mice are optical in nature as compared to the scroll ball type back in the day, most users really don’t need a mouse pad anymore. This is due to the fact that optical mice can work on almost any type of surface. Of course, if your computer table is made of glass or any other kind of surface with a glossy finish, you will definitely need a mouse pad. Fortunately, you can save some money by creating the mouse pad yourself. Best of all, you can design it anyway you like it. Here are some tips on how to make a mouse pad suitable for kids. Bear in mind that these details are for creating a Mickey Mouse type mouse pad.

  • Create a pattern. First off, you will need to create the pattern for your mouse pad. Since you will be making a Mickey Mouse silhouetted mouse pad, you will want to get a piece of cardboard and draw the silhouette of Mickey Mouse. Technically, all you have to do is to draw a complete circle followed by two smaller circles on top of the large circle that will serve as the ears. Once you complete the sketch, cut it out.
  • Cut the liner. Get a nice sheet of non-slip liner. This will be the top surface of your mouse that will interact with the mouse when used. Pin the pattern onto the liner and cut it down to specifications. If you plan to paint the liner with all kinds of colors later on, then make sure to get a white or flesh colored liner. If not, then go with black or any other bold color you want.
  • Cut the foam. Get a sheet of craft foam. This will serve as the padding for the mouse pad that will be attached to the bottom part of the liner. Pin the pattern onto the foam and cut to specifications. If you want the mouse pad to be a little thicker, then you can cut out 2 pieces and attach them together with glue.
  • Attach the liner to the foam. Lace the top part of the foam and the bottom part of the liner with craft glue. Place the liner on top of the foam and press gently. Allow the glue to dry completely for a few hours. Once dry, it is ready to use.

Alright, if you plan to create Mickey’s face on the mouse pad, then you will have to do this as soon as you cut the liner out and before you glue it to the craft foam. Use a pencil or marker and draw the Mickey’s face. You can find a picture online and just recreate it on the pad. You may also print out the picture on tracing paper and use that to pattern out the liner. Once the initial sketch is done, whip out acrylic paint and start painting the elements of Mickey’s face. Basically, you will need white and black as the main colors. After painting, allow the liner to completely dry for about 12 hours before attaching and gluing it onto the craft foam.


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