How To Make a Keyboard Tray Out of a Desk Drawer

You have just purchased your new desktop computer and you beefed it up with the latest specs you wanted. You now have a large LCD screen as well to display your system’s capabilities. You are ready to play games and work but you forgot one thing. You forgot that you don’t have a computer table yet. You don’t have enough money yet to buy a new computer table. What do you do? Luckily you have a spare desk drawer. You quickly browse over the Internet and this is what you find. Follow the easy steps to convert that drawer into your new or temporary table with a pull out keyboard tray.

  • Remove the drawer. Remove the cabinet drawer from the desk and set aside. Clean the inside of the drawer. It may have some insects and droppings it hasn’t been used for a while. Sand the inside if needed. This is to let your cabinet drawer slide in and out with ease.
  • Cut the front cover. Get the drawer you set aside and place on a sawing board. If you don’t have one, any flat surface will work. Wear your goggles and saw off the front of the cabinet using your power or traditional saw. When using a saw, work with safety in mind to avoid any accidents.
  • Place the catches. You can place the catches or stoppers on the interior of the drawer. You can do this by screwing the stoppers on. You may choose a driller with a screw top to do this job easily or a regular screwdriver if the power tool is not available. Screw the stoppers on the corner front sides of the drawer. Also do the same for the cabinet interior. Make sure they are aligned to properly work. Place the drawer cabinet back in and slide in and out to make sure the stoppers work fine. This ensures you don’t pull the cabinet too much and drop the makeshift tray when you are using it.
  • Drill a hole. Before you drill a hole, mark the area you are drilling with a pencil marker. Use a drill width slightly larger than your keyboard plug. You may choose the back part of the cabinet drawer or on the bottom of the cabinet drawer. If needed, also drill the back part or bottom part of your table drawer. Make sure the holes are aligned to work properly. The back part though is a better choice as the cable can freely pass the holes. If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard, you may choose to skip this step of the procedure.
  • Place the front cover back. You may choose to nail back the front side of the drawer to your tray, but it is better if you use a wooden glue to attach them back together. Follow the instructions on how to use the wooden glue and apply pressure if necessary.

The new table drawer is ready for use. You may also want to look for secondhand computer tables with pull out keyboard trays if you feel you are not ready to convert your desk drawer. You can find really good bargains on thrift shops and garage sales if you are patient. This saves you time and energy in the process.


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