How To Make a Meme Go Viral: A Simple Guide

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Every week the Internet seems to lose it over the newest meme. This rapidly exploding culture surrounding memes allows content to spread like wildfire across all platforms.

Because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good meme? They're relevant, funny, and easy sharable to all of your friends. The more a meme spreads, the more people see it which leads to an increase of buzz surrounding the meme's topic.

But what makes a meme go viral? And how do you get in on this content marketing gold mine? We've got these answers and more. Keep reading to learn how to make a meme go viral!

What Is A Meme?

Before we teach you the key factors to help your meme go viral, it's important to get a deeper look at what a meme really is. In it's simplest of forms, a meme is an idea or concept, usually manifested by a graphic, that gets spread throughout the internet.

Memes can also be videos, hashtags, and even links. And the images used for memes are often not original. Instead, they tend to be photos of popular characters, celebrities, politicians, or internet stars from popular sites like Youtube or Tik Tok.

These images are then often edited with the help of Adobe Spark's meme creator to add funny and relatable text before being sent out to the worldwide web. 

How To Make A Meme Go Viral

When looking at what plays into how to make a meme go viral, there are two main factors. The first is mass appeal. In order for your meme to get shared hundreds and maybe thousands of times on social media, it has to be something that many different types of people find relatable.

Like all content marketing, it's important to know your audience. Think about who will see your meme and find it relevant, is it just a niche interest group? Or is your meme something that most people can relate to? Mass appeal can be cultural relevancy, reference to current events, or just relatable to everyday life.

The second key factor in how to make your meme go viral is humor. If you look at the most popular memes, you will find that all of them use humor. Humor and mass appeal go hand in hand in creating viral content.

Not only should you reference something relatable, but you should also poke fun at it in some way. The funnier your meme is, the more likely that people will share it. 

Where To Post Your Meme

Once you have created a meme that is both funny and appeals to the masses, you may be wondering where to post it. Another key to making a meme go viral is to share it in many places.

Post your meme on Twitter, on Facebook, in Facebook groups, and on Pinterest. Be sure to make the meme shareable and then sit back and let the meme work its magic.

The Power Of The Meme

Now that you know the key factors in how to make a meme go viral, you are one step away from captivating the internets attention. Memes are a fun, creative, and impactful way to spread ideas quickly.

Keep these factors in mind and get to work creating the next hit meme. And for more articles like this, check back on our blog!


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