How To Make a Printer Cover

The printer in your home is one of the most frequently used hardware items for you and your family. Working well in partnership with your desktop or laptop, the printer makes it easier for you to produce a hard copy of your documents. Since the printer serves you in multiple ways, it is just right for you to reward it. You can do this by taking good care of your printer and ensuring that it is always clean and functional.

Having a printer cover for your printer is one of the things you can do to maintain its good working condition. Follow the steps that are listed here and you can soon provide a cover for your printer.

  1. Do preliminary cleaning for your printer first: Before you attempt to make a cover for your printer, you must first clean it. Using a small cloth or a cleaning brush, remove all the dusts which have collected in all of the corners of your printer. Dust often finds a way to squeeze in even in the most hidden nooks of objects so make sure that you pay close attention in dusting off your printer.
  2. Measure the size of your printer: When you have already cleaned the printer, you should measure its key parts. The size of the cover you will make for your printer will absolutely depend on the size of your printer. Make sure that you find the measurement of the three dimensions of the printer. The ideal allowance size is about 5/8 – 1 inch.
  3. Create design for the cover: Once you have find out the measurements of your printer, you can now proceed to making a design for its cover. Let your artistry and imagination flow here. Create a design which you would like to see in your printer.
  4. Create a pattern for the cover: Using used papers or magazine sheets, sketch the design you have made earlier.  Apply both the design and its specific details and then exact the measurements in sketching the pattern. The pattern is important since it will be your guide when you begin from sewing the cover. Prepare five different versions of the pattern – coming from different angles. One should have the top view while the other four take the other four sides.
  5. Prepare the fabric you will use: Again, based from the measurements and design you have prepaid, choose a fabric that you will use for the printer’s cover. Fabrics that are more durable are surely better options since they can provide protection to your printer for a longer period of time. Cut the necessary amount of fabric needed for the cover. Here, you shall refer to the pattern you have made to calculate the needed size.
  6. Start sewing: When the fabric has been already prepared, you can now begin the sewing process. Lay the fabric on the printer and start sewing the topmost part. Afterwards, proceed to the sides. Connect the two parallel sides together and sew with the seams holding together. Lastly, narrow down the size of the hem before stitching it using a machine for the finishing touch.

Caring for your printer is one thing that you should never overlook. A printer that is well taken cared of can last longer. One of the best ways by which you can take care of your printer is by covering it. Do the steps given here and protect your printer from the dirt and the dust.


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