How to Make an External Slave Drive

Building your own external hard drive is one of the easiest ways for your laptop to add space without going through the process of burning them to DVD/CD. It also backs up all of your important files. An external hard drive allows the connecttion to any computer without using a USB port. This way, you can also transfer larger files between computers using an external hard drive. This is will only work on Windows OS, X, 2000/XP, or Linux.

In making an external slave drive you must remember at least two things.

  1. First, choose the right enclosure for your hard drive. In choosing the right enclosure, keep in mind the size and the interface. In terms of sizes, drives that came from PC’s probably have a size of 3.5 inches. If it is a 90’s model, there is a big chance that its size is 5.25 inches. Laptops use 2.5 inch-drives. These three sizes are not the exact sizes of hard drives. But you need to choose a matching-size enclosure. Then you have to determine the interface that your drive uses. Interface is how the box can be connected to your PC. It can be in the form of IDE, SCSI, and ATA. You also need to consider the external interface of your drive. Some usually use USB2.0 or add up FireWire. If your drive is using an internal SATA, use an external SATA. External SATA helps the transferring of date from computer to the other in a faster way. For computers that have no eSATA, you need to install first a SATA interface card. The other features that you will look for in an enclosure include decorative elements like LED Lighting or transparent casing.
  2. Next, install the hard drive. Before installing, make sure that the drive’s Slave is configured correctly. Two pins will be bridged by the “jumper”. The instructions of the internal drive should explain the required settings. External slave drivers will help you have a bigger space for your files. You should also use four screws when adding an external slave drive. Keep it tight.  In removing the drive, make sure that you have clicked the “Remove hardware” icon on the task bar. Failure to do may cause the drive not do work properly. If you accidentally bend the pins, make sure you take time straightening them. If you have both FireWire and USB, choose only one between the two. If you are using a USB, plug the cord in the computer’s High Speed (2.0) USB. If you do not have any and have chosen the wrong one, that means that your data transfer will be slower.

Making an external slave drive is easy. It is also inexpensive. Having one can let you store more data compare to normal storage of files. You can even have back up files just in case some of your files are accidentally deleted.

You are now ready to make your own external slave drive. In an instant, you can quickly and easily store bigger files.


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