How To Make Business Cards with Print Master Software

You can make your own business cards without having to pay someone to do it for you and still make it look like it was done by a pro. There is a page layout program called PrintMaster that you can use to make it easier for you to design your own business cards. PrintMaster has a simple tutorial at the beginning to help you familiarize yourself with the software's functions. Read on to learn how to make business cards with PrintMaster software.

  1. Create a draft of your business card. A business card typically lists the company or business name, the individual's name and contact information. A few more details can be added, like the business motto, or details such as office hours. List down all the details that will be added to the business card so you will have a rough idea on how the business card will look like. Also, do not forget to save the graphics that you will use for your business card.
  2. Load up PrintMaster on your computer. Pull up PrintMaster on your computer and once the program starts, the 'Hub' will appear so select 'Create Brand New Project.
  3. Choose the correct template in PrintMaster. You will be asked to choose a template, so select 'Business Card' from the options and then click 'Next'. You will then be asked for the business card orientation and your choices are 'Tall' or 'Wide'. Choose one orientation and then hit 'Finish'.
  4. Start working on your business card design. Now it is time for you to start typing in the details such as your business name, position, contact details and other details such as your business motto. Click on the text box to enter the details, and you can also make adjustments to the font style, size and color by clicking 'Format' on the menu bar and choose 'Font' for the Text tool box  to appear. You can add extra text boxes by going on 'Add' then choose 'Text Box'. To add graphics, go back to 'Add' and then select 'Graphic'. Choose 'Art Gallery' if you want to use pre-made PrintMaster graphics, or just import the images you have saved in your hard disk.

Once you are done creating your business card, go on to 'File' and click 'Print'. You are now armed with the essential tool to network and to promote your business. 


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