How To Make Money Throwing Out Your Old Laptop

Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules about how long you can make your laptop last until it’s finally on its last legs. Even the best laptops can just give out and die on a clumsy and careless user. However, with proper care and use, laptops can give you more than five years of efficiency. Nonetheless, just ‘cause you have one that’s functioning or almost ready to give out doesn’t mean you are prohibited to shop around for the newest and sleekest notebook that’s out in the market.

So if you happen to succumb to the temptation of buying a new laptop or notebook, you can still make some cash from the old one that’s just collecting dust or waiting for its last legs to give out, poor thing.

Anyway, here’s what to do:

  1. First, pull out the box and the information or service packet that came with your old laptop. Read through and note down pertinent details like manufacturing date, parts, delivery date, the date you purchased it and how much you got it for, modem number, and serial number.
  2. In addition to item #1, take note most especially of its current condition at the point of sale. Do not hesitate to divulge information that says its USB is not working, Qwerty keyboard is losing a couple of letters or symbols, your laptop needs repairs, or an upgrade.
  3. Unplug your laptop and clean it the way it’s supposed to be thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Take pictures of the whole thing including its accessories e.g. speakers, built-in webcam, CD or DVD ports, and other pertinent accessories.
  5. Get on the Internet and connect with your friends, relatives, and colleagues to tell them that your laptop is for sale and on sale. Do not expect to fetch a handsome price on it simply because it is second-hand and therefore has depreciated in value.
  6. If this fails, you can surf the Internet for companies that buy old, used, dilapidated, damaged, or dead laptops. One such reputable company is Laptop Service, which can pay up to $100 depending on the condition of the laptop being sold or disposed of. Visit their website at
  7. Once you’re on their website, read up on their policies and conditions, get the latest reviews from those who have done business with them, and when you’re satisfied so far, you can start to contact the company through their listed phone numbers.
  8. For good measure - and if you’re really in the mood for being Obsessive-Compulsive about it – compose an email and send this out to them. You should be getting a reply within 24 hours, which is a good sign that they mean business.
  9. Now your next step is completing all the forms necessary for you to get the transaction moving. This will include an estimation form and the details you noted down previously for the company to arrive at the best price that you can mutually agree on.
  10. Once you get their confirmation and everything is in place, be ready to ship your laptop out to the company. Wrap the equipment in lots of bubble wrap and seal this properly inside a box. Then, call for pick-up. You should only spend around $18 for shipping fees.
  11. Expect your check to arrive in the mail after 7 days. Cash it in or deposit it in your bank account for clearing. 

Now spread the word that you successfully made a legitimate sale out of an old laptop.


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