How To Make Mouse Pointers

It would be really cool if you could customize your desktop like you can customize how you look. Computers come with generic buttons, icons and cursors. Sometimes you sit in front of it and wish that you were seeing your favorite picture, even on the pointer of your mouse. It is not impossible to do. It is actually simple. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Find an image that you like to make as a mouse pointer. You can either surf the Internet through image search engines like Google or Yahoo websites. The image can come from your archive. As long as it is in the formats of jpg or bmp, you are good to go. It would not matter what size or complexity your image is, it is acceptable to become a mouse pointer.
  2. If you are getting an image off the Internet, right click and save image. Save it in a folder that would let you easily find it afterwards, and then close the Internet.
  3. Open an image editor to resize your picture. You can either use Adobe Photoshop or you can use the program Paint.NET. Paint.Net is free to download. Just go to the website where you can get the program which is at and download it.
  4. Once you open the image in Photoshop or Paint.NET, remove the excess white areas at the perimeter of your image. Select the white areas and delete it. It crops the image to its actual shape.
  5. If you are using Photoshop, select the whole image and click on the tab “images.” You will find in the pop down menu “image resize” and click it. Set the pixels to 32 to resize it. If you are using Paint.NET, click “edit” and then click on “select all.” Go to the tab “image” and click on resize. Set the width and height to 32 pixels each and click OK. 32 pixels is the proper sizing for cursor dimensions.
  6. Save the image and close the image editing program.
  7. Open the program IconArt. If you do not have this program, you can download it for free in the Internet. Go to its website at to download the program. Import the file by choosing the button “import from file.” When you choose the resized image, you will see a pixilated image.
  8. Click on the “pen” tool and pick on the brightest color green on the lower center of the program. Color the areas that you do not want to appear in your cursor to green.
  9. Draw a black arrow at the upper left corner of your image. After drawing an arrow, save the current icon as a cursor. Set the “hot-spot” by clicking on the tip of your arrow. You will see a small circle on where you have clicked as the hot-spot. Save the cursor by clicking “save as.”
  10. Right click on your desktop and choose Personalize. Go to “mouse pointers” and browse to find your image. Be sure that you are choosing the image that you have edited and not the original picture. Pick on the button “apply” and then “ok.” Your image should appear as your mouse cursor after you click on the apply icon.

Customizing your desktop is a fun thing to do. Mouse cursors are even more fun to customize. You can make it funny, scary, happy or excited, depending on your mood. Experiment on a variety of images you want and enjoy clicking away in your computer!


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