How To Make Vista Run Flawlessly

Your computer may be a couple of years old and most likely have problems with Vista. Even if you purchased last year’s computers it can have a few issues with Vista as well. To help Vista run flawlessly, you need to make a few changes to the hardware and applications installed on your computer.

1. Upgrade your computer’s hardware.

Check if you have sufficient RAM on your computer, most of the time a RAM upgrade can speed up your computer running on Vista. You can also check the type of memory your computer is using and switch to a higher type of RAM if the computer is still slow after adding more RAM. Upgrade your graphics card, preferably one that has its own memory it can run on. Most graphics cards share the onboard memory, which reduces the amount that you can use for other applications. Switch to a higher type of processor to make Vista and applications perform better on your computer. Check your motherboard for compatible processors that you can upgrade to. Check the manufacturing date on each of the hardware installed on your computer, because even if your computer is relatively new it might contain hardware that wasn’t manufactured to accommodate operating systems like Vista.

2. Upgrade computer’s drivers.

Some of the issues that you have with Vista may be a driver problem, which can be fixed by downloading a more recent version. Go to the manufacturer’s website and look for current versions of the drivers on your computer. You can also select the hardware from the Device Manager and update the driver from the Properties window.

3. Defrag your computer.

All the activity that happens on the computer can cause fragmentation, where space allocation is not properly managed. To have a flawless operating system you need to defrag your computer at least once a month. Defragging your computer will fix the gaps on your hard disks real estate and put files in order so these files can be accessed faster.

4. Reduce Start up programs.

The first couple of times you run a recently purchased computer you’ll notice that Vista loads quickly upon start up. After you install several programs and download applications on your computer the load time will be affected and it will seem a lot slower. This is because the programs you install come with services that are launched at the same time your operating system starts loading. Most of these services are not necessary so you can just disable them from launching when you start your computer. This will put back the space Vista needs to load faster. You can view the Startup Programs through the Software Explorer in Windows Defender then you can decide which ones to disable.

These changes you make on your computer can help Vista perform better on your computer.


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