How To Make Whiter Teeth with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is a popular photo and image editing program that can be used to retouch your photographs. Although the tool can be used for a wide variety of photo editing, and though you can radically change the way a person looks on the photograph through the software, one of the most useful techniques that you can do with the Paint Shop Pro is edit your teeth to make them much whiter. Here’s how.

  1. Magic wand. Take the soft copy of the photograph from your digital camera and upload it into your computer. If you will use a print out, you will need to scan the photograph first. Once you have the photograph, open it with Paint Shop Pro. You will then notice a tool box on the upper left side of the work area. On the panel is a tool called the Magic wand, which will allow you to select areas that have the same color and which are connected with each other. Do this by clicking on the button and then dragging the magic wand to the teeth.
  2. Tolerance. Before you start clicking on the teeth and selecting these, you will need to adjust the tolerance level for the magic wand. Set the level to five, so that the magic wand will easily select the whole teeth, including the parts which are a bit darker in hue. To select the teeth, hold down the shift button as you click on the various parts of the teeth.
  3. Check the selection. To be sure that you have selected all of the parts of the teeth, and that you have not accidentally clicked and selected the surrounding areas such as the lips and the gums, or the tongue, press shift and check the moving jagged lines which will indicate the selected area. If you have selected an unnecessary portion, simply click on these again to remove the magic wand selection from the list.
  4. Adjust. Next, you will need to adjust the hue, lightness, saturation, which is found on the menu bar. Press on the button and a dialog box will appear. On the box, you will need to move the slider until the levels for the teeth are at around 28, or whatever whiteness is best suited for your teeth. Use the preview box to judge the whiteness of your teeth, and adjust in small increments as necessary. Be sure, however, not to leave your teeth too white, which will make it appear obviously edited.
  5. Deselect. Once you have arrived at the proper adjustments for your teeth, you can then press the OK button on the dialog box and then deselect the selected teeth area by right clicking and pressing on the Select None option in the Selections box. If the teeth seem to stand out too much and if the edges of the selection area are too strong, you can select the blur tools to even out the details of the image.

It is not just the dentist that can give you great and shining white teeth. With knowledge of Paint Shop Pro, you can clean your own teeth and make them sparkle in photographs.


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