How To Make Your Computer Start-Up Faster

Help Your Computer Start Up Faster

OK, so this is supposed to help those who are having a bad time starting up their computers.  You know the feeling--you turn it on and it takes a lifetime for you to actually do something on it.  Argh! These steps are easy to follow, and there is no software required. 

 If you need to increase your computer's start-up speed, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the green button on the left bottom of your desktop called "Start."
  2. Now click where it says, "Run," and a box will pop up.
  3. Now on this box, type "msconfig," and hit the enter key.
  4. Now when the "System configuration utility" window shows up, you will see tabs on the upper part of the window.
  5. Click on the tab that reads "Startup."  You will see numerous names with check boxes all checked.

Working onlineNow you will notice that most of those names with the check boxes checked are things you don't really use when you start up your computer--things like Messenger and LimeWire and those kinds of software.  Why have them start and show up when you don't need them?  Well, let's take them out then...just follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Uncheck the boxes for the stuff that you know you won't be using as often.  Be sure not to uncheck the system boxes.
  2. After unchecking, hit the "apply" key followed by the "Close" key and you will see a box that says, "You must restart your computer."  If you want to restart your computer now, hit the "restart" key.  But if you are still doing something or need to finish up what you are doing, then just click on the "Exit without restart" key and restart manually after you're done.  Changes will be made after the system is restarted.

And now you are done. Restart your computer and you'll see for yourself--no more multiple screens popping up when you turn on your PC!


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you are welcome.....there will be more to come.....check back! ...thanks you guys...

By vinicius docarmo

I tried this and it works. Thanks.

By Mary Norton

Vinicius, this is extremely helpful!!!! Thanks. :-D

By Cherry Ozoa