How To Match RAM & Video Cards to a Motherboard

Having computers at home is essential nowadays. Even elementary students use them for their assignments. However, due to technological advancements like HD DSLRs and video cameras, the need for higher RAM and video cards arise. The RAM and the video card are two of the most essential components of computer hardware. They will help you optimize your work even you’re editing HD videos and using other computer applications simultaneously. Below are tips and guides on how to match RAM and video cards to a motherboard.

  • Determine your needs in using a computer. Identify your current and future needs before you upgrade you desktop or notebook. Remember that computer technology changes quickly so you need to make wise decisions to save time and money. Like, don’t buy the newest RAM and memory on the market when it’s first released because their price will go down in a few months when new models or brands are introduced.
  • The specifications of the motherboard and RAM must match. Nowadays, most people buy assembled computer parts because it can be economical than buying a premix computer set. Computer users select particular computer hardware and software that will suit their needs. Ask a computer store personnel to help you mix and match computer parts. However, you need to be particular of computer specifications and prices to ensure what you need and for you to save money. Bring your CPU or your current RAM in the computer accessories store so the personnel can help you better.
  • There are various brands and types of RAM. It is advisable to buy the latest model because it’s faster. But you can get a high quality yet much cheaper RAM if you’ll consider buying pre-owned computer memory.
  • The specifications of the motherboard and the video card must match. Don’t use a PCI express card if you’re using an AGP motherboard. However, you can upgrade your motherboard to a unit that has a PCI slot so you can use a PCI video card.
  • Buying tips in computer motherboards. There are lots of slots and options in a motherboard. Before buying, ensure that you can get all you need. Like, if you’ll use your computer to edit films and videos, then your motherboard must have a firewire port so you can plug your digital video camera or digital stills camera. Also, buy a board with many USB ports as possible so you can plug-in, mouse, keyboard, speakers, flash drive, portable hard drive, and other USB devices simultaneously. If you need an onboard audio, then there must be an onboard audio port on the board; however, modern boards have internal sound cards and buying them can save you a dollar or two.

Focus on the motherboard if you’ll buy a computer. Think of upgrades as well. Computer units with lower specifications are cheaper but you might shell out more money in upgrades. So, it might be better to buy a computer unit with high specs so you can use your system for a longer time.

Learn the different brands and types of RAM and video cards before visiting computer accessories stores. There are lots of choices and you need to pick the best. You can also ask an experience computer user or technician to help you sort out and match RAM, video card and other accessories that you want to match or upgrade.


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