How To Measure a Desk for a Computer

When choosing a desk for your computer system, there are a few things that need to be considered like budget, material and space. While budget and material can be easily decided upon based on preference, space is something that must be exact and measured. Don’t scrimp on buying a quality and spacious desk as you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of that PC. You should make it as comfortable as possible so say no to cramped corners and disorganization. You do want to be able to stretch out once in a while at the computer surfing the net. Here's how to measure a desk for your computer to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit!

It would be handy to have the following: a pen, a piece of paper, and a measuring tape.

  • First get the measurements of your computer and other additional equipment. Be exact as possible in measuring how much space need for the monitor, keyboard, CPU and mouse. (Generally, you can get by with approximations but it is better to be sure and ready than waste time and money buying the wrong desk.)
  • Make a mental layout of the type of workspace you would like. Take into consideration the few inches of space in between equipment. For larger equipment and accessories like printers, Internet routers, scanners, speakers, external hard drives and such you may need to measure the exact length, width and depth to avoid miscalculating essential space. Important note: Also make the necessary calculations for the external cords.
  • Measure the additional space you would like aside from the space for the computer. Will your computer desk also serve as your work area? You may want to place a phone, lamp or bookshelf.
  • More important than measuring your computer, measure the space you have. You may WANT a whole room for all our stuff but if your home or apartment can only accommodate a few feet of space, you must conform to what little space you have.
  • Once you are armed with all the numbers, you can proceed to the department store and furniture boutiques in search for your perfect desktop. In all honesty, you don’t necessarily need to be exact with your measurements as there are many different types of computer desks available in the department stores. If in the rare case that you can’t seem to find the perfect desk that meets your requirements, you can easily have your desk custom made in furniture boutiques. For a simpler solution, you can work with the space by being more creative in your placements.
  • Once you have found the desk that fits all your needs and can accommodate all your equipment. Borrow a chair and “test” the workspace out. Imagine it as if it was already in your home. Is the desk too high or too low? Does the desk allow you to sit properly? Does the table provide you enough leg room?

Pick up great bargains at garage sales or warehouses that sell surplus furniture. Finding the perfect desk is easier than finding the perfect outfit, so don’t feel too overwhelmed when shopping around for furniture. Happy shopping!


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