How To Minimize All Windows on Your Desktop

The desktop is the area of your screen that shows up whenever you log on to your user account. Now let's say you have several applications open and you want to go to your desktop to open a file there. Minimizing the application windows one by one would certainly waste time, but there’s a quicker way that you can accomplish this task. The following lists several ways you can easily minimize all the opened application windows and show your plain desktop screen.

Minimizing the opened application windows on Microsoft OS.

1. Using “Show Desktop” shortcut icon.
On the “Quick Launch” toolbar found on the taskbar, using your mouse, hit the icon for “Show Desktop”. You can also use your keyboard to use the Show Desktop and the following lists the steps on how to accomplish that.

  • Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard. The Windows key is found between the left Ctrl and Alt keys. You will know that you have pressed the “Windows” key correctly if the Start Menu populates your screen.
  • Press the “Esc” key and this will close the Start Menu.
  • Press the “Tab” key until you get to the Quick Launch toolbar. You will know your “cursor” is already on the Quick Launch toolbar if you see the first shortcut icon on the Quick Launch highlighted and its name shows up in a small box.
  • se your keyboard arrow keys to move left or right until you get to the “Show Desktop” shortcut icon.
  • Once you have highlighted the “Show Desktop” icon, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Notice that all your windows are now minimized, showing your plain desktop in view.

2. Using the “Show Desktop” shortcut key.
On your keyboard, simultaneously press the “Windows” key and letter “D” and this will minimize all opened applications and show you the desktop.

3. Using the “Minimize All” shortcut key.
On your keyboard, simultaneously press the “Windows” key and the letter “M”.

4. Using “Show Desktop” from the Windows Taskbar menu.
Using your mouse, right click on any part the taskbar that’s empty. A small menu will populate your screen where you can click on “Show Desktop”.

Minimizing the opened application windows on Macintosh.
On your keyboard, hit the “F11” function key to minimize all windows. If you have the latest laptop, press “Command” and “F3” simultaneously.

The desktop is your “work area” because this is where everything runs; if you open an application, it shows up on your desktop. You can also save files, place shortcut icons and folders on the desktop for easier access.


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