How To Mount an ISO Image as a Virtual DVD Drive

Quite often people provide information over the Internet using ISO images. ISO is an archive/image of an optical disc. ISO images are typically used to store structured data files for storing on CD/DVD ROM discs. The ISO file format allows for easy storage, transportation and replication of CD/DVD ROM discs.

One way to use CD/DVD images is creating copies on CD/DVD disks. Here you can find how to do that. But also there is a lot of software providing the possibility to mount CD/DVD image as virtual CD/DVD drive. According to my experience, one of the most powerful programs with intuitive graphic user interface is Alcohol 120% of Alcohol Software. Free trial version of this software is downloadable from

Don't use this information for creating illegal copies of CDs/DVDs.

Step 1

Download Alcohol 120% from

Step 2

Run installation executable, then follow instructions.

Step 3

After installation is completed, start Alcohol 120%.

Step 4

On the left pane, click Virtual Drive, Alcohol 120%. An Options dialog box appears.

Step 5

Select Number of Virtual Disks as 1 (or more if you need more virtual disks). Press OK button.

Step 6

On the bottom pane, new Virtual DVD/CD-ROM appears. Click the name of Virtual DVD/CD-ROM by using the right mouse button. The Context menu appears--select Mount Image.

Step 7

Open My Computer on Windows. You will find that new CD/DVD drive appears in your system.

Step 8

Open this new CD/DVD drive. Now all data stored in ISO image is available.

Please notice that this works for Windows OS only.


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