How To Move PS2 Game Saves between a Flash Drive

Are you using two PS2 gaming consoles and would like to bring along your game saves? Not to worry because you can take your game saves with you wherever you want to go. You can do this by placing the game saves to a flash drive that you can take almost anywhere with you. Saving the games saves to a flash drive proves to be a little tricky but it is doable. Here are the steps on how to move your PS2 game saves to and from a USB flash drive.

1. Get your hands on a USB flash drive and software
Make sure that it supports the transfer of game saves from the computer to the gaming console.
If you don't want to encounter any issues with compatibility, you may want to grab MaxDrive, a gaming accessory best known for its ability to transfer game saves of Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles. Its kit consists of one USB flash drive, a CD installer for the copying software, and another CD that contains the software of the gaming console’s software.

Just in case you already have an existing USB flash drive and you do not want to spend an extra penny for a new one, you can also use that. All you would need to do is reformat. Do the following in order to reformat your flash drive.

  • Plug you USB flash drive to a free port on your computer.
  • Navigate to My Computer and using your mouse, right click on your USB flash drive. Select “Format” from the list of menu that populates.
  • On the “Format” dialogue box, under File System, select “FAT”.
  • Under Format options, tick the box next to “Quick Format” and press “Start”
  • Wait until the reformatting is completed.

2. Acquire the MaxDrive PC Software.
Launch your Web browser and go to the following website: Download the software and burn it on a blank disc.

3. Begin copying the game saves to your USB flash drive.
Pop in the newly burned software CD to your PS2 and then plug up the flash drive in a free USB port on the console before starting the gaming console. You will see instructions shown on the screen how to save the game saves to the USB device hooked up to PS2. Wait until the transfer completes before unplugging the USB device.

Now, whenever you need to transfer game saves to and from gaming consoles through a USB flash drive, make sure you choose “USB” as the primary device.


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