How To Move Your EZGenerator Website Files to another Computer

Since we are always at the mercy of our hardware and the whole enchilada resides on the hard drive of your PC, if you run into hardware problems with your computer, then you run the risk of losing access to your site files from your desktop.  Or maybe you just bought a spanking new laptop or desktop PC to use as your main computer.  


Unlike some other software license agreements that restrict the use of the software on multiple computers, the EZGenerator user agreement allows you to run the software from a second PC. 


The bottom line is that you want to transfer the software and your existing site files to another computer.  This tutorial will tell you how to do it.    

Step 1

Install the EZGenerator software on the target computer.  Repeat the installation process on the target PC by locating the exe setup file and install the software.  You will need your product registration key.  There is no need to install the trial version first and upgrade to the full version with your product key. Remember to use the online update feature to ensure you’ve got the latest version of the software.


Step 2

On your old computer, locate your website folders in EZGenerator.  Go to Windows Explorer and click on “My Computer.”  Click on the Local Disk icon (usually C).  Then click on the Program Files folder.  Locate the EZGenerator file folder and click on it.

Once inside, click on the folder titled “Data.”  Ignore all the icons in the folder except the file folders named after the websites you’ve created.  If you don’t have any created website folders, you will still see a folder titled “Example.”

Step 3

Copy your website folders to an external storage device or copy them to a CD.  A USB zip drive with enough storage space for the folders is the easiest way to go.  Right click on each website folder one by one and copy them to the USB drive.  CD users can copy them to a CD.


Step 4

Drop the website folders into your EZGenerator software folder.  It’s important to place the website folders in the correct sub-folder of the software to ensure the files can be found when starting up the software.

Click on “My Computer” from the target PC.  Open up the contents of the external drive or your CD copied files by clicking on the appropriate icon.  Left click on the first folder to transfer and highlight it.  On the right side of the screen, select and left click on “Copy this file” under the “File and Folder Tasks” choices. 

In the pop-up window, select “Local Disk” (usually C), then click on the “Program Files” folder.  Find the EZGenerator software folder and left click on it.  Once inside, locate the “Data” folder and left click and highlight it.  In the pop-up window, left click on the “Copy” radio button at the bottom of the window.  Allow the files to be transferred.  Repeat the process in Step 4 until all the sites are transferred over to the new computer.

Step 5

Open up EZGenerator on the target PC and test the transfer.  You will know if you’ve successfully transferred the websites over to the new computer as soon as you start the software on the new PC.  Your websites will be listed in the dropdown menu box titled “Existing Project.”  Congratulations, you’ve successfully transferred all your websites to a new computer.

If you got blindsided and you’re hard drive crashed before you were able to back up your files, the long way home is to copy the files from the server.  Just be sure to give the folder the exact same name as you had in the software database.


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