How To Open a Stuck CD Drive on Your PC

Did you ever face a predicament such as an important compact disc (CD) stuck in your personal computer (PC) drive and you are unable to remove it since the drive refuses to roll out?  Or did you have a power failure, not had back up power supply, but have to remove the CD from its tray? And, did you just rush to the phone, called technical support or your computer vendor and got worked up?  If yes to even one of the above, next time do not panic and follow the simple steps below -

  1. Basically, you can open a stuck CD drive on your PC with as much ease as it would be for your computer technician. Next time it is stuck or even now, check your CD drive for a small hole around the CD tray. It is most often located below the mouth of the tray.
  2. Take a gem/paper clip, open one of the bends, as in straighten it. Gently, insert it into this tiny hole on the CD drive. It would probably go in about half an inch or less. Feel around for some resistance at the other end of the hole. This indicates you've inserted the clip end well. Generally, it is a good idea to get one of those steel clips. I've noticed that the colored ones with plastic wrapping do not fit into this tiny hole.
  3. Gently push the paper clip inside. You should see the CD tray release the mechanism that locks the CD drive. Now that you have it unlocked, you can gently pry it open, as in roll out the CD tray, to retrieve your important CD. 

As already mentioned, this can be done even when you do not have power supply. Hence, it is generally a safe idea to switch off power supply to your computer and attempt the procedure above.  Once the CD has been safely removed, gently push the tray back inside the cavity to close it.

Now that the tray is open let us look at possible reasons why the CD tray was stuck inside.  It could be for any one of the following reasons -

  • The belt of the CD drive is loose or has slipped from its gears. If yes, then get it replaced. It will not cost much at all.
  • The CD was not inserted properly and thus has damaged the inside cavity of your CD drive. This is highly unlikely since most CD drives are cleverly constructed to push the CD back into position or refuse to close if inserted improperly. In the unlikely event it was to happen, try inserting another CD, this time in the proper manner, and see if it works. If yes, then you have no problem; if no, you may have to consider changing the CD drive.
  • Sometimes an old CD could just crack and break into pieces while spinning inside. This could jam the mechanism and thus the drive does not open. While the steps for opening a stuck CD drive will apply, you may have to take additional care to clean the drive of CD pieces and fragments so that the same problem will not occur again.

See, it is really not difficult to open a stuck CD drive on your PC. Trust this information, it will work.


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